MUNAM e.V. Board

Position: Chairman

Born into a British-German family, Thomas Campbell-James (25) grew up in six countries across Europe and the Middle East. He currently studies medicine at the Technical University of Munich and is a doctoral candidate exploring the mechanistic role of a gene associated with stroke. His project is embedded into a research group at the LMU’s Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research (ISD). Outside university, Thomas has entrepreneurial know-how, appreciates experiencing cultures and countries far from home and enjoys putting language skills to practice. He used to be a competitive swimmer at national level and recently has directed his focus towards MUNAM e.V.. With a handful of conferences and three years worth of MUN-experience, he’s looking forward to building upon the previous year as secretary and in particular to helping realise the many projects and ideas the board has in store. He’s especially excited at the prospect of adding volunteer work to MUNAM e.V.’s portfolio of activities.


Position: Deputy Chairman

Aleksandar Ljubomirovic (21) was born in Belgrade, Serbia. After graduating from the German School of Belgrade as one of the top of his class, he moved to Munich and is currently doing a double degree in Political Science as well as History being his majors and Economics as his minor. His interest in attending MUNs was awakend two years ago after he participated at his first conference in Belgrade. After that event he has been regularly going to MUNs all over Europe. Up to this point Aleksandar has done nine MUNs as a delegate and three as chairman of a committee. Since 2016 he is a member of MUNAM e.V. and that year he also reached the highlight of his MUN career being the Secretary-General and main organizer of Isar Model United Nations 2016. Besides his MUN career Aleksandar has been doing a lot of extracurricular activities such as internships and being part of student organizations. He already worked for the MSC foundation where he helped organize the Munich Security Conference which took place in February 2016. Alongside with that he is also one of the most important members of “OSSI” (Organisation of Serbian Students Abroad) one of the leading student organisations in his home country Serbia and has done several projects for them. Furthermore he has done two internships in Belgrade one at the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (2015) and the second at the Geneva Centre for the Diplomatic Control of Armed Forces (2016). This summer he will pursue an internship at the Serbian ministry of foreign affairs also in Belgrade.


Position: 2nd Deputy Chairwoman

Katharina Herrle (22) was born and raised in Windhoek, capital of Namibia in 1995, where she attended a German foreign school until 2012. Growing up in such a multicultural surrounding as Namibia, she quickly developed an interest for other cultures and languages, next to speaking publicly. Therefore Katharina started participating in local and national debate competitions and won the national debating competition in 2009 and 2011. After graduating one year later, Katharina completed an internship at the Namibian government radio station, where she gained her first experiences as a radio presenter. At the age of 18, she moved to Munich to start an internship in the PR department of Sky Germany, where she got in touch with people from different parts of the globe. Later in 2013, Katharina started studying Communication and Politics at the LMU with the idea of pursuing a career in journalism. In 2016, she started working for the Bayerischer Rundfunk and applied for the MUNAM Generation of 2016/17. As a new member of the MUNAM e.V. board, she is going to look after the next generation of MUNAM delegates and help with preparing the new members for the upcoming conferences around the world.


Position: Financial Director

Krasimir Gerdzhikov (21) studies political science and economics at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich. Originally from Bulgaria, he moved to Germany in 2014 where he pursues his Bachelor degree. He works for a firm that offers consulting and networking services. He also recently finished an internship at the Bulgarian Council of Ministers in Sofia, Bulgaria. He participated in a significant number of MUN conferences during the past couple of years and what he brings to the MUNAM e.V. board is, among other things, experience. In addition to some other smaller ones, his main position in MUNAM e.V. is as its Financial Director. In 2016 he occupied the position of a Deputy Secretary General of IsarMUN, where he helped make the biggest edition of the conference so far. Furthermore, he is also deeply engaged in one of the biggest projects of the organization – IsarMUN 2017. There he acts as senior advisor of the organizational team of this year’s edition of IsarMUN. He wants to see a world not of borders and hate, but of common understanding and respect among different cultures and believes that MUNAM e.V. could and would contribute to that better future.


Position: Secretary

Dominik Schwab (22) grew up in Munich where he is currently studying law at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. He is also a trained pianist, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the Conservatory of Trento, Italy of 2015. Apart from his studies he works at the Faculty of Common Law and Legal Philosophy at LMU and as a freelance piano teacher. Maintaining an avid interest for European and international politics since practically forever, Dominik joined MUNAM e.V. in 2016 to get in touch with like-minded people from an interdisciplinary context. In short time, he has become hopelessly addicted to MUNs, having participated in IsarMUN 2016, Harvard WorldMUN 2017 (Montreal) and EuroMUN 2017 (Maastricht). Apart from adding to his still scarce record as a delegate, Dominik is curious to eventually gain experience as part of the dais. Dominik is happy to be a member of the new MUNAM e.V. board as this enables him not only to pass on the skills and experiences he has developed as a member of the MUNAM delegation to a new generation of MUNers but allows him to contribute to the structure, efficiency and profile of this society.

Feel the spirit of MUN!

The MUN Association Munich is dedicated to the spirit of Model United Nations. With our delegation we annually participate in several national and international Model UNs.

IsarMUN 2017

Where: Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany

When: 23rd to 26th of November 2017 (4 days)

Who: 220 Delegates, Chairs, Guest Speakers and Staff

How much:
Early Bird Fee (15.06-31.07) - 70€
Regular Fee (01.08-15.10) - 85€
Fee for Chairs (01.06-01.08) - FREE
No-refund Policy

What is NEW at IsarMUN 2017?
After the conference's development to an international event last year, this year's edition is going to attract people from even more countries, also from beyond Europe's borders.