The MUN Association Munich Alumni Network

MUNAM wants to create an active network that allows MUNAM alumni to stay connected today and in the future to contribute to and profit from a growing network of like-minded, committed and ambitious students, (young) professionals and entrepreneurs.

The MUN Association Munich Alumni Network strategically manages the diverse group of MUNAM alumni all around the globe to enable cross-border:

  • Networking of all former MUNAM delegations
  • Exchange of information and experiences
  • Mutual guidance and consultancy on different career paths
  • Get-together at MUNAM and Alumni events

You were part of a former MUNAM delegation? Then, stay connected with MUNAM and its alumni?

The Alumni Network offers you the opportunity to stay connected with all former delegates to share contacts, information and experiences. As part of the Alumni Network you get access to all Alumni platforms in social and professional networks. Further, you receive invitations to MUNAM and Alumni events. You must be a former MUNAM delegate and member of MUNAM to join the Alumni Network.

It takes only a few steps to become part of the MUNAM Alumni Network

  1. Send us an email to and we will send you a membership form
  2. Join our LinkedIn Alumni
    Most information exchange and discussions among alumni take place via online platforms. The Alumni Network is officially organized in a closed LinkedIn group. You must have a LinkedIn profile to join. Please send us a request for joining the group and we will add everybody, who is eligible.
  3. Visit us on facebook
    There is also a closed MUNAM Alumni group on facebook where you can connect with alumni from all past delegations.
  4. Become an active alumni
    To increase the value of an Alumni Network everybody has to contribute. We welcome any ideas for Alumni projects and events.

Alumni Ambassadors 2014

Who is responsible for the Alumni Network?

In cooperation with the MUNAM board Alumni ambassadors are responsible for the administration of the MUNAM Alumni Network, the maintenance of its main platform on LinkedIn as well as the organization of alumni events. For the year of 2014 Incken Wentorp, Raphaela Schweiger (both Singapore Alumni) and Laura Weinhold (Taipei Alumni) act as MUNAM Alumni Ambassadors.


Raphaela, Laura and Incken (left to right)

Incken (right) and Raphaela (left) are currently finishing their Master degree. This year, Raphaela will graduate in Conflict Resolution studies in Frankfurt a.M. Incken studies Sustainable Development in St. Andrews in Scotland. Since Incken and Raphaela joined the Singapore delegation both have been contributing a lot of time, energy and ideas to MUNAM e.V.

Laura (middle) supported MUNAM since 2009. She has been tutoring several delegations and has been acted as a faculty advisor during the WorldMUN in Vancouver, Canada. Until her Masters’ graduation in 2013, Laura has been President of the MUN Association Munich e.V. Today, she lives and works in the U.S.

Get in contact with the MUNAM Alumni Network

You want to cooperate with the Alumni Network? You want to get in contact with people who are interested in international relations and diplomacy? We do not only want to network within the exclusive group of MUNAM Alumni, but welcome companies, other Alumni or MUN groups to contact us. So, if you want to get in contact with a diverse group of highly-qualified people that are willing to take responsibility today and in the future please write our Alumni Ambassadors an e-mail: