Delegation Project

Take your future into your own hands

MUNAM e.V. has three main objectives: “Broadening your horizons. Freeing your potential. Preparing you for the future.” We aim to deepen your knowledge about the United Nations and international relations as well as your understanding of coherences in international politics and society. We strive to make you a confident speaker while boosting your social finesse, leadership skills and cultural understanding, no matter what the audience or whom you are working with. We will take you on trips to conferences worldwide and will provide you with the opportunity to meet interesting and inspiring people with similar (and sometimes opposite) mindsets to your own. At the same, we’re exploring options enabling our members to engage themselves within society.

A year full of opportunities

Each year we prepare approximately 15 new members for MUN-conferences taking place globally. So far, our delegates have successfully participated at more than 40 national and international MUN conferences on five continents. These include the likes of the Harvard WorldMUN, the NMUN at the UN-headquarters in New York and EuroMUN in the city of Maastricht.


In peparation for the conferences, MUNAM e.V. organizes regular meetings and seminars, held by MUNAM alumni and experts in the field, frequently followed by a get-together with dinner and drinks. The meetings are used to scratch up rethorical skills and to prepare each member for the details of the conferences’ “Rules of Procedure”. Furthermore, we dive into the world of international diplomacy and take a closer look at the structure and dealings of the United Nations and its individual organs.


In October, we will be hosting the traditional Teambuilding Weekend. As the name suggests this weekend will very much be about getting to know the rest of the delegation. There will be time to cook, take a walk and to enjoy the evening together playing table tennis or gathering around for a chat with drinks. During the day, you will gain your first hands-on experience in an MUN simulation with a topic specifically prepared for the delegation. MUNAM e.V. members with previous experience will be chairing the sessions and others will be providing you with tips on how to improve your performance.


Every year, applicants undergo a rigorous two-phase selection process before they become part of the new MUNAM delegation. This process allows us to maintain an equilibrium between high quality candidatures and our signature interdisciplinary approach, which we are very proud of.


Our members come from all walks of life and fields of study, giving MUNAM not only an international, but also an interdisciplinary touch. When you travel together as a team to events far from home, there’s plenty of time for bonding and for many of our members, MUNAM membership has presented a fantastic opportunity to forge lasting friendships with contemporaries who are little different to the friends sitting to your left and right during lectures.