Team Building Weekend 2015

Team Building Weekend 2015In line with the tradition established by previous delegations, this year’s group of 16 students spent the first weekend of the university term in Fischbachau – a village surrounded by the scenic Bavarian Alps – for a team building weekend. By the end, team members were to have familiarized themselves with the procedures of an MUN simulation and (just as importantly) with their fellow delegates.

Being welcomed by the stunning landscape on early Friday evening, the executive committee already had both educational and social plans at the ready. The Rules of Procedure – the basis of every MUN simulation (and real life UN-sessions too!) – were presented to us in order to prepare the upcoming days of debate. Following the custom of the years before, we swiftly moved on to the next point on the schedule: a further edition of the “Bavarian Olympics”, a fun competition in which two teams compete in highly professional games like “Oktoberfest quiz”, “gargle a song” and “hammer four nails as fast as you can into a piece of wood”.

On Saturday morning, the highly awaited debate commenced. Each delegate had been assigned a country to represent the topics of gender equality and climate change, the latter of which was unanimously voted as the priority on the agenda. Part of the preparation before the weekend was not only to inform oneself of the assigned nation’s policy, but also to distinguish allies from the rest of the nations present. By the end of the introductory speeches, most delegates were already exchanging notes and forming alliances, which were by and large maintained throughout the weekend. A few (un)moderated caucuses, working papers and draft resolutions later, the group’s first resolution was passed on Sunday morning. Considering the high expectations resting upon the upcoming Paris Climate Conference, seeing the differences between our delegation’s resolution and a potential real-life agreement in a few weeks time is eagerly awaited!

Both evenings were spent with fun and games, during which delegation members left politics aside and made friends with each other and the executive committee, who worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to provide us with tasty food and generally ideal conditions – thank you! This year’s group boasts some very interesting, remarkable characters, so the prospect of further development is quite exciting. And whilst all roads do lead to Rome (where our Harvard WorldMUN-conference takes place in March), it’s clear that our delegation is motivated to find the best route possible.

 Tom C-J