IsarMUN 2020

Our own conference – hosted virtually this time

2020 bore many challenges for us – including MUNAM. After heading off to an enthusiastic start in organizing our annual MUN conference, IsarMUN, it became clear pretty soon that a physical conference in 2020 will turn out impossible. However, we wanted to show resilience and continue to provide a platform for youth participation in international participation – especially now that the world is in turmoil and changing more than ever.

Therefore, we reinvisioned IsarMUN and organized an alternative online think-tank over the weekend of the 14th and 15th of November.

Next to eager and engaged students and chairs from around the world, we were joined by experts from various organizations providing valuable input for our discussions.
IsarMUN was comprised of seven sessions in total, each joined by a guest speaker
– UNHCR, joined by Celina Hirt, Senior External Relations Officer
– UNCST, joined by Bianca Anghelina, founder and CEO of AILYLABS
– UNFCCC, joined by Youssef Nassef, Director General of Adaptation UNFCCC
– EU-China Summit, joined by Grzegorz Stec, founder of the EU-China Hub, Non-Resident Research Fellow at University of Lodz
– NATO, joined by Eric Povel, Program Officer in the Engagements Section of the Public Diplomacy Division of NATO
– WHO, joined by Olaf Horstick, Director of Teaching at Heidelberg Institute for Global Health
– World Bank, joined by Michael Woolcock, Lead Social Scientist in the Development Research Group at the World Bank

The sessions were extremely productive, leading to high quality solution papers that were sent to each of the
experts as results of our weekend long efforts.

We welcomed Helga Barth, Commissioner of Human Rights, International Development and Social Aspects at the Directorate-General for International Order, the United Nations and Arms Control at the German Federal Foreign Office, as our guest speaker at the opening ceremony and Eva Croon, the German Youth delegate to the UN, as presenter at the closing ceremony. Both found uplifting words, praising youth participation in international politics and voluntary engagement as step towards becoming a socially responsible global citizen.

But it was not just all about work – the virtual version of IsarMUN did not let the social fun and entertainment of MUNs slide.
An informal “Tech on the Rocks” meeting with Dirk Schapeler, Head of the Global Innovation Division at NTK, live from the Silicon Valley was followed by a late night of Pub quizzes, Among Us battles and deep talks amongst the participants – lasting until 3:30 in the morning.

All in all, a complete success – but we are still looking forward to meeting all of you MUN enthusiasts again in person at the next edition of IsarMUN!

Find out more about IsarMUN on the official website!