MainMUN 2014


February 9th, MainMUN in Frankfurt am Main

In February this year, unruffled by exam season and term papers to be written, 13 fine
young  delegates ventured to Frankfurt to “construct peace for a better tomorrow“ at MainMUN 2014!

The Munich delegation of MUNAM had had the two weeks of winter break and the seminar sessions in January to prepare their country assignments. While no position papers had to be handed in, the delegates had conducted thorough research and drawn up several opening speeches, trying to win over allies already with their first appearance.

After a long bus ride and the check-in to the hostel on Thursday, some delegates attended the Rules-of-Procedure workshops and were then rejoined by the others for the grand opening ceremony. The first committee sessions started right afterwards and the delegates separated to represent their countries: In the Security Council they advocated for the Commonwealth of Australia and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in the Peacebuilding Commission MUNAM’s delegates served as the Arab Republic of Egypt, the French Republic and the Republic of Kenya, and in the General Assembly the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Canada, the Dominican Republic,  the French Republic, the Republic of India, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Russian Federation, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela were represented by the Munich delegates.

On Thursday night, the delegation had a reunion with MUNAM alumni that were in Frankfurt at that time and a delicious Italian dinner at L’Osteria. Friday, when the committee sessions recommenced, every panel had decided which topic to debate first and went straight to work. After lunch break, invited experts spoke on the topics in each chamber and gave helpful insights into the complex matters on the agenda. The day ensued with fruitful debate and was topped off by a night out in an Irish Pub (where some delegates impressed with their Karaoke skills) that later shifted to a groovy dance and music venue.

Saturday was the first full day of sessions and demanded high concentration and focused negotiations from our delegates. A crisis simulation about an incident in the East Chinese Sea shook the Security Council and detracted some delegations off their work in other committees. Nevertheless, work went on with effective caucuses and sweeping speeches. On Saturday night the conference members celebrated their collaboration at the Delegates Dance in a fashionable venue on the university campus.

Concourse on Sunday offered time for the last finishing touches for most commissions. The General Assembly, however, adopted a resolution on the second topic on the agenda in a matter of minutes – just in time for the closing ceremony. Photos were taken, new friends were seen off and the Munich delegation went on their bus ride home. Exhausted, but proud, they went on the road – after having constructed peace for a better tomorrow at MainMUN 2014! What a grand experience.

– written by Anna Krandick