NMUN 2014 in New York

Gruppenfoto NMUN

April 3rd, NMUN in New York

NMUN New York 2014 – „Equality for a better world“

„If one second is enough time for our human race to grow into who we are today, imagine what all of us can accomplish in this one week!“ Those were the motivating words of this year’s Secretary General Rachel Johnson, when she declared the National Model United Nations New York 2014 open. And she was proven right. After already experiencing some days in adventurous New York City, this year’s MUNAM Delegation gathered on Saturday, March 29th, at a Hotel near Union Square to face the NMUN challenge and to promote „Equality for a better world“, representing the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

When the conference started on Sunday, we were all highly motivated, well prepared but still a little nervous of what to expect in the upcoming week. Our NMUN experience started with a workshop explaining the Rules of Procedure. Unlike some other delegates, we already gained some MUN know-how and were glad we did – because this workshop was more puzzling than explaining. The following Opening Procedure was electrifying. The United States’ Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, held an amazing speech about the importance of MUNs and their essential input in developing global citizenship. Also, she welcomed everyone to „Nerd heaven“.

Afterwards, all delegates met in their committees for the first session. DRC was represented in the General Assembly Committees, in UNHCR, UNICEF, the Commission on the Status of Women, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, the United Nations Environmental Program, WHO and OPCW. We were all extremely eager to meet the other delegates and finally start discussing and were very thrilled when we discovered everyone’s enthusiasm. The three following conference days were packed with committee sessions, delegate seminars and preparation for these during our breaktime. It was highly exhausting but, luckily, MUNAMs delegates were always motivated enough to ease their minds when coming together in the evening, exchanging the experiences and problems of the day and give each other reasons for doing even better the next day. We are also much obliged to our faculty advisor, Michael, who dulcified the conference for us through his cheering words and sweet surprises.

This all led to great success in the end. All delegates were able to give convincing speeches in their committees; all of us drafted solid resolutions which passed; all of us stayed in the course during the whole conference. We all met great people from all over the world and – at the same time – our delegation grew even closer.

On Thursday, the conference ended as stunnigly as it began – at the United Nations Headquarters, where the real UN General Assembly meets. A venture where none of us has been before, and probably, where none of us will be again in the next few years. At that point, we learned that two of our delegates, Marianne and Max, who discussed External Debt in a General Assembly Committee, were awarded for their outstanding position paper. The entire delegation of the DRC is very proud of them. This prize was another highlight of an amazing week. And this amazing week was the highlight of an unforgettable time with MUNAM e.V. in Munich, in Tutzing, in Frankfurt and in New York! This year’s whole delegation is extremely grateful for this life-changing opportunity. We all learned thousands of new and intersting facts and skills, we all excelled ourselves, we all collected memorable experiences and we all found great new friends.

Thank you National Model United Nations New York and – most importantly – thank you Model United Nations Association Munich and all those, who stand behind it for giving us this chance and for getting us into the MUN Spirit!

– written by Johanna Karle