Patronage 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,

this year the Federal Republic of Germany and the Commonwealth of Australia are celebrating 60 years of friendly diplomatic relations. Since 1952, co-operation and friendship between the two countries have prospered and this is strongly reflected in the politics and the economies, as well as the cultures of both nations. Young people have been making an important contribution to this international friendship and it should be in our common interest to support and even strengthen these ties in the future. Hence, I am thrilled to welcome the 2013 Harvard WorldMUN delegation from the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich to Melbourne, a fascinating city that is culturally rich and represents our great Australian diversity. Together with students from Australia and all around the world, they will engage in cultural exchange and debates centered around a broad range of international issues.

Australian and German students today have grown up in very similar environments: Democracy, peace, safety and prosperity are among the core values of both our nations. Our two countries share the same principles and often pursue the same global interests.

Along with these achievements, a certain global responsibility and commitment has evolved over the past decade. In light of the numerous political, economic and social challenges of the 21st Century, privileged nations such as Australia and Germany are encouraged to make every effort to enable people around the world to live in peace, prosperity, security, freedom, dignity and self-determination. They should strive toward furthering their current cooperation with the United Nations in order to increase not only the benefits from globalization, but also focus on human rights as well as the spreading of the universal values of the United Nations Charter. Both countries are in a position which allows them to advance pressing international issues and it is their responsibility as modern and conscious democracies to do so.  I am deeply convinced that the Harvard WorldMUN delegation from the LMU Munich, in light of this need for fair global development, will travel to Melbourne and overcome country borders to work together with students from all around the world. They will experience both, the frustration of long and tiring committee sessions with no real outcome and also the satisfaction after a fruitful debate with their fellow diplomats or even the success of passing a resolution that aims at tackling global imbalances, such as poverty. Therefore, I am thrilled to announce that I will accompany and support them as  patron on their journey. May the first WorldMUN simulation on the fifth continent be a great success and sharpen the awareness among young people for the need for global responsibility. Australia is a country, where openness, respect and tolerance determine social, political and economic interactions, thereby offering an ideal platform for this unique conference and its overarching goal.


Hon. John Day

(Minister for Planning; Culture and the Arts; Science and Innovation in Westaustralia)