Rafting 2018

We expected a hot summer`s day and a nice tan. What we got was 15 degrees Celsius and wetsuits that kept us, you guessed it, wet (and cold). The weather might have been a flop, but our four-hour rafting trip on the Isar was a blast!

Just one week after the official kick-off of the Delegation 18/19, we took our new members on our annual rafting trip.

Our starting point was a lovely town called Olching. Thanks to the Kreisjugendring, we had a fantastic team of rafting guides from Tchaka, who showed us how to master staying afloat on the river. After a nice lunch out in the dunes of the Isar, we reached our destination Bad Tölz in the early afternoon.
After taking a tour of 12 kilometers on water were ready for our MUNAM Summer Party that concluded our amazing day of sports and team building.