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As a nonprofit organisation that aims at preparing the delegation for its participation in the WorldMUN, we are dependent on financial as well as ideational contributions in order to continue our work in the future.

With your help, you support young interested and dedicated students from the German elite University LMU Munich.support0


Support us financially


The delegates of 2014/15 having lunch at their Teambuilding weekend

The total costs for individual participation in the WorldMUN are composed of the preparation expenses, the flight from Munich to the respective venue, the accomodation as well as the participation fee.



Support with your expertise and knowledge


A MUNAM alumni explains to the new delegates how to write a resolution

In order to succeed in an international conference like the Harvard WorldMUN, knowledge on diplomacy, conflict resolution as well as the general international political environment are indispensable assets  for every delegate. Share your knowledge and expertise on topics such as global politics, rhetoric, decision making processes  and skillfull debating.



What’s in it for you?


Delegates sharing their knowledge on climate change adaption

As our sponsor and partner you will get to know not only members of the current delegation but also our active alumnis from various academic backgrounds. Every year the MUNAM delegation stands out due to its commitment as well as its multidisciplinarity. Furthermore we will present your advertising material at the WorldMUN conference, providing you with the unique opportunity to reach more than 2000 outstanding student delegates from all around the world.

Take a look at our WorldMUN delegation 2015!


With your support you also have a share in conveying the values of the United Nations to young people, encouraging them to advocate a better tomorrow through a constructive and dialogue.


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