Team Building Weekend 2013

The MUNAM delegation spent a weekend in Fischbachau, at the foothills of the Alps, as part of the preparation for next year’s NMUN. During this teambuilding weekend they experienced their first MUN simulation, got to know each other and the members of the executive team. Anna, a delegate of the MUNAM Delegation 2014 reports about her experience at the weekend in Fischbachau:


“The new delegation of 14 students going to NMUN 2014 and the current executive team of the MUN Association Munich gathered together from the 18th to 21st of october for the annual team building weekend in Fischbachau.

We arrived on friday afternoon at the Caritas Family Vacation Site in the picturesque Fischbachau in the foothills of the Alps. Thanks to the nice weather we had several outdoor team-building activities. During the games prepared by the executive team, the new delegation members were able to limber up and to get to know each other.

After the typical Bavarian dinner the group gathered for the first meeting on the program, where the “rules of procedure” were presented and explained to the delegates. The executive team members exemplified the rules in small role plays. Those role plays were a very huge help during our own simulation. This theoretical program item was followed by the so called “Bavarian Olympics”. Quiz games and fun exercises had to be solved by two groups of delegates.

The next day started with the jointly breakfast. Right afterwards the very first UN simulation for the new delegation started. During the weeks before the team building weekend a certain country, that had  to be represented, has been assigned to each delegate, so that we had time to deal with the political position of our assigned countries on certain issues, that were also the topics on the agenda. The two topics were “Millennium Development Goals: a post-2015 agenda” and “Implementing the Responsibility to Protect”.

After the opening speech of an executive team member and as the formal procedural requiremet- the presence check- had been met, we voted on the topic to be set on the agenda. Our agenda topic for that day became “Implementing the Responsibility to Protect”. In connection to the voting, the actual debate and the speeches of the representatives of the countries followed, in which they clarified their positions. Before the lunch break the country-alliances had elaborated and discussed the “Working Papers”. After lunch the delegates met for a small elocution training, where we made some exercises, that aimed to increase our awareness of how we speak and present ourselves.

During the second part of the simulation we were able to introduce two draft resolutions. The delegates held speeches in favor or against some points and discussed the topic in unmoderated caucuses with their “allies”. After several hours of interesting discussions, debates and changes on the draft resolutions we were able to vote on our very first resolution. Following the dinner the whole group took a nice nocturnal walk on the nearby hill and enjoyed the evening chatting and playing games.

On the last day of the team building weekend, the delegation and the executive team discussed several organizational topics and learned more about the Association and its beginnings. Each delegate got a very valuable individual feedback for our future work and the future simulations.

To sum up the team building weekend was an interesting, instructive and above all exciting event. We learned more about the project, the UN, the procedures and even about ourselves. We were able to get to know each other on a more personal level and we experienced how world politics works. As for me I was able to play the role of a country delegate for the first time in my life and I have to admit that I enjoyed it. It was sometimes difficult to present an opinion that I don’t agree with, however this challenge was exciting and revealing at the same time. But what is more important, thanks to this experience, I am more excited than ever to finally participate at the NMUN 2014 in New York.”

– written by Anna Vinokurova