Mock COP with the LMU Economics department

The environmental future of our planet is a hot global topic. As public interest in climate change is strongly increasing, over 24 delegates and chairs from our society and our sister society MUNTUM e.V. were approached by the LMU Faculty of Economics to take part in an economic experiment: to simulate the UN Convention on Climate Change.

On 23 March 2019 our delegates spent their day debating and negotiating climate change outcomes as part of an experimental series lead by Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmidt, Professor of Economics at the LMU Faculty of Economics. Prof. Schmidt is one of the most renowned and cited German economists of the past two decades and was assisted by researchers of the University of Bern (Switzerland).

The experiment, set in a MUN-style mini-conference, was accompanied by the researchers and chaired by experienced MUNAM and MUNTUM society members. After an intense day of debating and negotiating on a possible climate change framework, delegates managed to bring forward a resolution. It would both helps secure the livelihood for future generations as well as not neglect the economic impact that such a framework could have on the world’s leading economies.

The professional approach and high knowledgeability of our participating delegates was very much appreciated by the economists. Additionally, awards for best delegates and best position paper were handed out after the conference.

Given the success of this project, MUNAM looks forward to further cooperation with university entities. Such collaborative efforts offer valuable experiences to our delegates, alumni and to our society as a whole.