Teambuilding Weekend 2018

“Intense debating sessions and very social evenings (and cold weather) were key elements of the annual MUNAM teambuilding weekend. The 2018/19 delegation spent its teambuilding weekend – as it is tradition – in a cabin at the Wörthsee. Our experienced MUNAM Alumni served as advisors and chairs, supporting the delegates in improving their diplomatic skills.

This year’s delegation was able to practice formal debate on the topic of malnutrition as members of the WHO. For many delegates, this was a welcome opportunity of getting comfortable with the procedure of a Model UN session. Apart from a heated, but constructive debate, the delegates were able to get to know each other a lot better through fun groups activities and games. There was a notable increase in comradery as the weekend passed.

The teambuilding weekend was rounded off by a traditional Bavarian meal in a local restaurant. Afterwards alumni offered valuable insight and feedback on the individual performance of each delegate. MUNAM feels very confident about this year’s delegation and can’t wait to see the delegates in action at this year’s IsarMUN.”

-Matthias (Delegate 18/19) and Franziska (Faculty Advisor 18/19)