About MUNAM e.V.

About MUNAM e.V.

Model United Nations Association Munich (MUNAM e.V.) – Broadening your horizons. Freeing your potential. Preparing you for the future.

Thank you for your interest in MUNAM e.V.!

The Model United Nations Association Munich (MUNAM e.V.) is an English-speaking student society based in the Bavarian capital. Our prime focus is to develop an international understanding among students, as well as to promote cultural and academic exchanges with students abroad. MUNAM e.V. was founded in late 2007, officially registered in early 2008 and has since then expanded its membership to more than 100.

As our society’s name suggests, we’re particularly interested in the United Nations and, among others, its mission, structure and role in the world of international policy. To promote this interest, we participate at Model United Nations conferences, which are exciting events with an academic (and, more often than not, social) background, taking place worldwide. The purpose of MUN conferences is to convey a clearer understanding of the operating processes of the United Nations to curious and dedicated students. In order to achieve this aim, diplomatic negotiations are simulated by the participants, who each represent a United Nations member state. For conference preparation, our members regularly participate at seminars held by MUNAM alumni and experts in the field. We also provide them with leadership and rhetorical training, supplying conference participants with the expertise and confidence to hold speeches and contribute to negotiations. Each year, we conduct a two-phased application process – involving both a written component and an interview – by the end of which, we welcome 15 to 20 new members. Our members come from all walks of life and fields of study, giving MUNAM not only an international, but also an interdisciplinary touch. When you travel together as a team to events far from home, there’s plenty of time for bonding and for many of our members, MUNAM membership has presented a fantastic opportunity to forge lasting friendships with contemporaries who are little different to the friends sitting to your left and right during lectures.

In the past, we have visited a plethora of conferences all around the globe and we’re looking forward to continuing in similar style:

  • WorldMUN, Puebla (2008)
  • IsarMUN, Munich (2008)
  • WorldMUN, The Hague (2009)
  • IsarMUN, Munich (2009)
  • WorldMUN, Taipei (2010)
  • IsarMUN, Munich (2010)
  • WorldMUN, Singapore (2011)
  • IsarMUN, Munich (2011)
  • WorldMUN, Vancouver (2012)
  • IsarMUN, Munich (2012)
  • WorldMUN, Melbourne (2013)
  • IsarMUN, Munich (2013)
  • MainMUN, Frankfurt (2014)
  • NMUN, New York (2014)
  • IsarMUN, Munich (2014)
  • MainMUN, Frankfurt (2015)
  • WorldMUN, Seoul (2015)
  • EuroMUN, Maastricht (2015)
  • Rotaract Global MUN, Belgrade (2015)
  • Webster MUN, Vienna (2015)
  • IsarMUN, Munich (2015)
  • MainMUN, Frankfurt (2016)
  • BIMUN, Belgrade (2016)
  • WorldMUN, Rome (2016)
  • EuroMUN, Maastricht (2016)
  • PIMUN, Paris (2016)
  • IsarMUN, Munich (2016)
  • WorldMUN, Montreal (2017)
  • EuroMUN, Maastricht (2017)

We’re also proud to host our own international conference, IsarMUN (isarmun.org), which takes place towards the end of each year. Meanwhile in its tenth edition (as of 2017), approximately 200 participants from all corners of Europe regularly join us for four intense and fulfilling days. The conference is open to students from all fields and we’d be very glad to welcome you at one of the forthcoming editions as well.

If this brief overview of our society’s activities has gotten you interested or you would like more information on MUNAM e.V., please feel free to send us an E-Mail to info@munam.org. We look forward to getting to know you