Delegation 2012/13

The LMU delegation for 2012/13 presents itself

15 LMU students with many different fields of study, ranging from cultural anthropology, physics or political science up to law and business administration, with many different settings and backgrounds formed one team at the Harvard WorldMUN 2013 in Melbourne. Many of them are still actively involved in the MUNAM associaton, eg. within the executive team 2013/14.

Hon. John Day (Minister for Planning; Culture and the Arts; Science and Innovation in Westaustralia)

 Yasmin A.

Yasmin, born and raised in Munich, began her law studies at the LMU last fall. In her school days she spent a year in Ethiopia, her parents’ home country. The months she spent there were not only rewarding because of the many things she learned about her ethnic heritage, but because of the challenging confrontation with an entirely different culture and lifestyle. In retrospect Yasmin believes that the foundation for her interest in global politics was laid during her time abroad. Through WMUN she hopes to gain further insight into the intermediate steps that lead to a resolution. In order to utilize her passion for foreign languages in a useful way she tutored socially deprived children for four years mainly in English and French. Over the summer she is going to welcome the future students of the LMU during the enrollment process as a student assistant in the admission office.

Luisa von A.

Luisa, born in April 1990, grew up in Munich and Berlin. 2009 she graduated from her studies at Gymnasium Steglitz. Besides her studies she was involved with the scouts youth organization as a member and group leader for many years and played the cello in various ensembles and orchestras. Through language study- and orchestra travels as well as a student exchange to England she visited several European cities and soon got excited about intercultural issues. Therefore she decided to do a year of voluntary work in Mexico after her graduation. She started her studies of psychology and sociology in October 2010 and at the same time got engaged with AIESEC, the world’s biggest student run organization, in the last year as a member of the executive board in Munich. To comply with her multisided interests she attended additional business and economic seminars as well as internships in clinical and HR areas. Her expectancy towards the WorldMUN is to connect with many diverse people and to challenge herself for developing in several areas.

Victoria E.

In 1990, Victoria was born in the Main-Taunus area where she successfully completed her graduation in 2009. She is currently studying business administration in her sixth semester at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, majoring in finance and accounting. After taking part in the Erasmus programme at Maastricht University for the fall semester 2011/2012, Victoria completed a three-month internship at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations in Geneva. The main focus of her activities included the preparation of the UN Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD, held in Doha in April 2012. This unique experience sparked her interest in international relations as well as in global contexts. Apart from her studies, Victoria is working as a student trainee at UniCredit Bank AG. Being a passionate swimmer, she was a member of the competitive team at the local swimming club during her schooldays. As a trainer, Victoria passed her years of experience on to many children. Participating in the WorldMUN 2013 in Melbourne offers her a chance to engage in serious discussions with other students from around the world about the global challenges of the 21st century.

Emilio E.

Emilio Esguerra was born 1993 in Munich and grew up in a suburb of the city. As German-Colombian he was raised bilingual in a multicultural and cosmopolitan environment. During high school he participated several times in international sessions of the European Youth Parliament as a delegate, among others in Istanbul and Warsaw, and has remained active in the organization until now. This experience mainly contributed to enhance his interest in international politics. Emilio graduated from high school in 2011 and began studies in Political Science and Economics at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. He received a scholarship from the Max-Weber-Programm sponsored by the Bavarian government. From his participation at Harvard WorldMUN he expects to obtain a better insight into the art of diplomacy as well as into United Nations procedures. Emilio is especially fascinated by the possibility of an intercultural exchange for young people from all over the world.

Sebastian G.

Sebastian was born in Starnberg in 1991 and grew up in a village close to Stuttgart. He is studying communication science and political science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich because he has a passion for all kinds of media and a vital interest in international politics. He speaks English, French and Spanish and he already started to gain experience abroad during his school time. From 2006 to 2007 he took part in an exchange programme with the Delhi Public School Gurgaon, India. He did not only learn some Hindi but also found friends for life and started loving the zesty Indian cuisine. In 2008, he was sent to the International Critics’ Week, which is part of the International Film Festival in Cannes, France, to become a member of a Franco-German jury there. Today, he works as a tourguide in the Bavaria Filmstadt in Munich and as a freelancer for a daily newspaper. He believes that in an increasingly globalised world supranational organisations like the UN will become even more important than they are today. So, on the one hand, getting to know how the United Nations really work is one of his aims for the Harvard WorldMUN 2013. On the other hand he is thrilled to meet numerous interesting people and opinions there.

Moritz K.

Moritz Knödler is currently pursuing his Master´s Degree in physics at the LMU München. He completed his Bachelor´s Degree at the University of Konstanz, including one semester abroad at the University of California, Berkeley. Ever since a six-month stay at Moose Lake High School in Minnesota, he has cultivated an international mindset. Extracurricular activities are very important to Moritz. Since May 2011 he has served as a consultant with Academy Consult, a student-run consultancy. Through his client work with leading companies, he has gained invaluable practical experience. While in Konstanz, Moritz was admitted to the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and was highly involved in the University’s society Fachschaft Physik e.V., serving as board treasurer. At Model UN Moritz is looking forward to exploring international diplomacy and politics. In addition, he is very excited for the fruitful exchanges with students from all over the world and is thrilled to represent our university and city in Melbourne!

Stephanie K.

Stephanie Krampulz was born in 1987 in Munich. In her early school years she began to engage in community work. For seven years she has been active in the Protestant Youth, being chairwoman of the youth board of congregation, of district and as delegate on state level. After successfully graduating high school, volunteer work for NGOs in Germany, the UK and Japan followed. Since October 2008 she has been studying Cultural Anthropology, European Ethnology and Japanology at Ludwig-Maximilians-University. Last semester she spent in Singapore, to study and afterwards assist in an international conference. Previously she was interning in a Japanese Academy and tutoring for Georgetown University, USA. Stephanie’s hobbies are art and photography. Moreover, in her leisure time intercultural exchange is very dear to her. Therefore she engages in diverse forums, such as LMU’s Students’ Union’s International Department or project-group Asia. Participating in WorldMUN is another step on her way to promoting international cooperation.

Moritz L.

Moritz was born in 1993 in Munich, Germany and attained his Abitur, the German high school diploma, in 2011. During his senior years he attended a college in England for one term and undertook a language course in France for several weeks. Moritz is currently enrolled at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, studying third semester law. Since 2009 he has worked as a permanent part-time employee at an international intellectual property law firm. In the summer of 2011 he interned at a financial service provider in Sydney, Australia. Moritz is committed to his voluntary work as a youth leader and was elected head of the Scouts’ council at Maximilian Kolbe, Pullach. Furthermore, he holds the black belt (1st Dan) in Taekwondo and is an avid cyclist and skier. In the future Moritz aspires to holding a leadership position as an international executive – either in politics or business – especially in the field of human resources. By taking part in the Harvard WorldMUN Moritz intends to immerse himself more deeply in his interests for international politics and foreign cultures, interests which were decisively triggered by his numerous travels to foreign countries.

Kristina L.

Kristina was born in 1988 in Munich. Since 2010 she is majoring in political science with a minor in sociology. During her studies she already participated in the Brussels European Forum, which simulates NATO, G20 and the European Council. Currently she takes part in the European Union Studies Certificate, a cooperative project between the Geschwister-Scholl-Institut of the LMU and the University System of Georgia. In April 2012 she received the German scholarship. Before studying, she completed an apprenticeship as a media designer for audio and video at the production company and television show “Welt der Wunder”. Since then she works as a technical video journalist, moderator and editor. The training and her studies should prepare her for her career aspiration of a journalist. In her leisure time she really likes doing sports and traveling. Therefore she is particularly pleased to experience the intercultural exchange with other participants of the Harvard WorlMUN from all over the world.

Nicola M.

Nicola was born in Bonn in 1992, where she passed her Abitur at Sankt-Adelheid Grammar School in 2011. Currently she is studying Politics and History in her third semester at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. In sixth form she attended a Grammar School in the UK for six months and lived with a host family over there. In addition she participated in a programme for gifted students at the University of Bonn and studied German language and literature for one semester while still going to school. Since May she has been actively involved in Amnesty International, for example in a group caring about the situation of refugees. Now Nicola cannot wait to get together with students from all over the world, to assume the role of a delegate and to hold debates on issues and challenges of global politics.

Lea Maria M.

Lea Maria was born in 1991 in Bonn and grew up in Ahrtal. Already during her schooldays she earned intercultural experiences, amongst others she visited language courses in England, Canada, the USA. At the same time, her interest for politics and international affairs awakened. Even before her A levels she took part in a EU-Youth Conference in Gdansk and Berlin and successfully completed an internship in spring 2010 in the foreign aid in Ruanda. In the same year, she started her studies in the field of political science and sociology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. During this period, she depend her knowledge of political institutions through apprenticeships in the Federal Governement Department in Berlin and a EU representative office in Brussels. By taking part in the WorldMUN she aspires to now improve her understanding of the UNO, to extend her skills and broaden her personal horizon, as well as to discuss and work with students from all over the world.

Felix M.

Felix was born 1990 in Prien am Chiemsee. He graduated from grammar school in summer 2010 in a small, picturesque Bavarian village. In 11th grade, Felix spent a year abroad at school in Ireland. This exchange program shaped Felix’s personality tremendously. In winter 2010 he completed his alternative national service at a prestigious psychosomatic clinic. In spring 2011 he went on a four-month lasting trip around the world, including India, Indonesia and New Zealand. This travel deepened his interest in foreign cultures and international relations.  Felix started to study history and English at the University of Freiburg in winter 2011. In summer 2012, he changed to the University of Munich. His motivation behind studying history is manifold. For him, history is far more than just boring dates; it is rather the complex historical developments and interdependencies that fascinate him. In spring 2013, Felix will do an internship in the German Parliament, working for MP Tom Koenigs (Green Party, former high-representative of the UNO for Afghanistan and currently Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid of the German Parliament). Felix regards participating in MUN 2013 in Melbourne as a great opportunity to gain experiences in diplomacy and international cooperation.

Carolina R.

Carolina was born in the capital of Bavaria and grew up in Munich County. She was raised bilingual (German, Spanish) in a family with a multicultural background. A student exchange in England and her voluntary commitment as youth group leader encouraged her open-minded personality and versatile interests. She graduated in Biology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, now adding a Master’s degree in Biostatistics to her academic education. She spent a year abroad as DAAD-stipendiary in Chile. As student assistant at the Max-Planck-Institute and working student at an IT-consultancy she acquired research and working experience. She would like to do her Master thesis in the field of genetic epidemiology. Affected by her stays abroad she developed an interest for international politics, paying special attention to political affairs in South America. WorldMUN is a unique opportunity for exchange between young people, with great potential of promoting intercultural awareness and broadening one’s horizon.

Sahar S.

After graduating in Political Science and Oriental Studies, she chose to study Intercultural Communication in the Master programm at the LMU Munich. During her Bachelor degree she spent one term at the Tel Aviv University in Israel where she focussed her studies on the emergence and effects of the conflicts in the Middle East. Thanks to several internships she has gained experiences in the work of journalists and from these her career aspiration extracted: she wants to work as a journalist, specialised on foreign affairs. She developed a sharper focus on the region of the Middle East and she is very interested in gender studies in the arabic-muslim World. Her time at the WorldMUN should be the practical counterpart to her theoretical field of study in the Intercultural Communication: People from all over the world and from different cultural backgrounds work on the same project – this is the kind of challenge she is looking forward to. The cultural diversity and the prospect of meeting people from different fields and with various abilities and emphases makes the participation at WorldMUN so special for her.

Anna V.

Anna-Viktoria was born 1993 in Nuremberg and raised bilingual (german-hungarian). During her schooltime she was committed  to class representative in her school’s student administration and worked as mediator, played soccer and performed karate. In 2011 she graduated from Heinrich-Schliemann-Gymnasium Fürth. Since the winter term 2011/12 she took up Japanese Studies as a major at Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich. Her continuous interest in intercultural experiences was moreover encouraged by her father, an East Asia scientist, yearly long stays in Hungary and some weeks long trips to China, Vietnam, Cuba and the west part of the USA. Fascinated by the world of international politics and relations Anna expects from her experience at Harvard WorldMUN a better view of the insight of the international, intercultural politics. Furthermore she’s looking forward to make new friends and work together with young motivated people with different cultural backgrounds and views.