MUNAM e.V. Board 2021/22


Niklas Kronewiter

Whilst MUNAM aims at preparing students for MUN conferences, Niklas obviously learned it the hard way.
He attended a conference first and then became part of the MUNAM Delegation Project 2019/20 which equipped him with skills and knowledge that might have proven useful for him before.
Niklas is a business graduate from LMU Munich. Currently in a gap year between bachelor’s degree and further studies, he serves as President of MUNAM. Niklas is delighted to steer the association through another term of uncertainty, keeping this platform of debate and education, joy and academic exchange alive as well as developing it further.

Vice President for the Delegation Project

Christina Pletowski

In 2018 Christina graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. She now pursues a law degree, for which she is in the final preparations for the German bar exam. Studying political science at Northern Kentucky University in the U.S. as part of a year-long study abroad program, she joined Model United Nations and participated in conferences in Europe and the UAE, among other places. Christina joined the MUNAM Delegation back in 2017/18, was part of the organizational team for the society’s own conference twice, served as Faculty Advisor and is now MUNAM’s Vice President, mainly responsible for the current Delegation Project. Christina is looking forward to fostering international understanding, promoting cultural and academic exchange as well as contributing her (MUN) experiences and knowledge to MUNAM.

Vice President for External Affairs

Leonie Walle

Leonie, born in 1999 in a small town at the Lake of Constance, left her hometown for her studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Ever since then she has been studying law and is currently in her last year preparing for the German bar exam. During her studies Leonie spent a semester abroad in Zurich, Switzerland where she got in touch with people from all over the world and completed an internship at the German parliament to further her interest in politics and international relations. She joined MUNAM e.V. during her third semester as part of the Delegation Project 2019/20. After that she helped organize IsarMUNxUN75 in 2020 as Executive Officer for Finance and Sponsoring. Leonie is now looking forward to having the opportunity to shape the future of an association that has been part of her life for the past two years as part of the MUNAM e.V. board.

Vice President for Financial Affairs

Justin Pohl

Justin was born in a suburb of Munich and spent his entire primary and secondary education there. Nevertheless, having both a family spread across the globe and being born to a pilot on his mother’s side enabled him to travel to various regions of the world and thus experience different cultures.
This is where MUNAM comes into play. Offering both the opportunity to deepen his understanding of international politics and to meet new and interesting people, it did not take him long to sign up. After having an amazing experience during the 2020/21 Delegation, he has now joined the Board as Vice President for Financial Affairs. Whilst having no experience in this field, he hopes to actively shape the future of MUNAM.
In his free time, he likes to play tennis and read books of different subjects, where he is particularly interested in history. He also likes music, where he is a passionate concertgoer. The occasional TV show and video game is also part of his weekly routine.

Vice President for Internal Affairs

Lasse Steinmayer

Lasse is currently pursuing a double degree in political science and history. Since his high school times Lasse is heavily interested in political topics, especially in the fields of international relations and diplomacy. Lasse joined the MUNAM Delegation project in 2021 and is now serving as one of MUNAM’s Vice Presidents. In addition to his studies Lasse is a member of a German party and an admitted member of the youth organisation of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). Lasse is looking forward to supporting MUNAM and to ensure that the delegation project will continue to provide opportunities for dedicated students.