Delegation Project

A YEAR FULL OF Opportunities

The MUNAM Delegation Project

The MUNAM Delegation Project is a prestigious one-year extracurricular programm for aspiring global leaders and changemakers that empowers young adults on their journey to becoming adept, culturally attuned leaders who are prepared to tackle the intricate challenges of a globalized world.

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Empowering the Future of Global Diplomacy

Each year 15 students are selected to partake in this transformative progamm that combines
educational enrichment and hands-on experiences in the realm of global diplomacy.

In a supportive community of similarly driven individuals, participants embark on a curriculum that highlights global cooperation, democratic values, and impactful leadership. Aside from a thorough education in international affairs and the intricate workings of international organizations this includes honing pivotal skills such as public speaking, rhetorical finesse and intercultural communication.

Conducted entirely in English, this program not only amplifies diplomatic and international relations acumen but also serves as a crucible for enhancing linguistic prowess in a global lingua franca. Participants hail from myriad academic and personal backgrounds and we strive for diverse profiles within the delegation.


In a Nutshell


Upon sucessfull completion of the enriching, year-long extracurricular educational program on global diplomacy participants are awarded a ‘Certificate in Global Diplomacy’ issued by MUNAM e.V. attesting to their newly acquired skills.


International conferences offer a stage to apply acquired knowledge and gain hands-on experience. MUNAM provides a scholarship, covering the full costs of participation for two MUN simulations: HüMUN and IsarMUN. Participation in additional conferences is strongly encouraged but optional.


An association thrives on the exchange of proven experience and fresh ideas: Each member of the current delegation is assigned a personal mentor. Our alumni are committed and interesting personalities who are happy to pass on their knowledge and experience. 


The MUNAM Board gives four to eight particularly ambitious and committed delegates the opportunity to shadow their work and prepares them for taking on leadership positions themselves in the future. 


The program brings a group of like-minded peers together for an exciting and enriching year and thereby oftentimes forges life long friendships.


Participation opens the door to an international network of MUNAM alumni, experts in the field of global diplomacy, like-minded peers and fellow MUNers from all over the world.


Participation in the Delegation Project is free and
we will charge no fees. 

Covered Costs
MUNAM will cover all of the occuring costs for the participation in the bi-monthly sessions, the Kick-Off Weekend, the IsarMUN conference and the summer rafting trip.

Additional (optional) Costs
The participation in additional conferences is strongly encouraged but optional to ensure equal access regardless of financial means. We will do our best to subsidize as much of the related costs for additional conferences as possible; however the participation in international MUN conferences is pricey and we cannot guarantee that we can aquire sufficient funding to cover all of the costs for the additional conferences.*

MUNAM Membership
We do require participants to become members of MUNAM e.V.. The first year of the membership is free of charge for participants of the Delegation Project. After that the regular yearly membership fee of 15€ will be charged. The membership can be canceled yearly in accordance with our Articles of Association.

*If you decide to participate in additional conferences you can expect the following costs per conference for European MUNs: ~100-150€ conference fee, ~200€ for transportation and ~200-300€ for accomodation and food. Depending on the available funding we can cover up to 100% of these costs.