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The MUNAM Delegation Project

The MUNAM Delegation Project is a prestigious one-year extracurricular programm for aspiring global leaders and changemakers that empowers young adults on their journey to becoming adept, culturally attuned leaders who are prepared to tackle the intricate challenges of a globalized world.

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cover Global Diplomacy

HüMUN Kick-Off Weekend

The HüMUN Kick-Off Weekend offers an intensive, condensed introduction to global diplomacy and Model UN. Emblematic of the project’s approach, it intertwines theoretical understanding with practical experience in a supportive environment.

Participants are guided through all facets of a Model UN debate at their first practice conference -HüMUN-, pursuing a ‘learning by doing’ approach. The intimate setting provides ample room for mistake-making and skill experimentation and allows experienced MUNAM alumni to provide individual support and feedback. Amidst enriching rhetorical exercises and practical sessions, the weekend also places an emphasis on fostering team spirit and enabeling the delegation to get to know one another.

The HüMUN Kick-Off Weekend has been taking place at the same location – a humble self-service house that inspired the name HüMUN (‘Hütten MUN’, Engl. ‘Hut MUN’) – at the Wörthsee for over 15 years. 

Note: Participation is mandatory and conditional for further participation in the delegation project.

UNderstand Global Diplomacy

Bi-Monthly Sessions

Bi-monthly sessions held by distinguished experts and MUNAM alumni serve as an avenue for participants to immerse themselves into issues central to global diplomacy through lectures, that are supplemented by challenging rhetorical exercises engineered to amplify lateral thinking, self-confidence, and proficient argumentative skills. Thematic explorations range from the scrutinies of the United Nations’ diverse roles and structures to profound discussions on Global Economy, Human Rights, International Security, and more.

Note: The participation in these sessions is mandatory and exceptions can only be made under extraordinary circumstances.

UNlock Global Diplomacy

International MUN Conferences

International Model UN conferences offer the delegates a stage to put their newly acquired skills to the test. Conference visits are accompanied by experienced MUNAM alumni who offer individual support and feedback and embeded in a targeted preperation.

The carefully selected conferences usually include IsarMUN, Munich’s own Model UN conference hosted by MUNAM e.V. and MUNTUM e.V. that brings 250-300 young adults from all over the world to the city each year and two additional conferences.

Past delegations have represented MUNAM at conferences such as NMUN (New York), EuroMUN (Maastricht), PIMUN (Paris), ScotMUN (Edinburgh), MEDMUN (Menton) and many more. While participation in these additional conferences is keenly encouraged, it is optional to safeguard inclusivity, ensuring no participant is side-lined due to socioeconomic parameters.



Aside from the educational offers the Delegation Project also provides opportunities for team bonding and fun activities. A particular highlight is the yearly rafting trip in the summer semester.


Participation in the Delegation Project is free and
we will charge no fees. 

Covered Costs
MUNAM will cover all of the occuring costs for the participation in the bi-monthly sessions, the Kick-Off Weekend, the IsarMUN conference and the summer rafting trip.

Additional (optional) Costs
The participation in additional conferences is strongly encouraged but optional to ensure equal access regardless of financial means. We will do our best to subsidize as much of the related costs for additional conferences as possible; however the participation in international MUN conferences is pricey and we cannot guarantee that we can aquire sufficient funding to cover all of the costs for the additional conferences.*

MUNAM Membership
We do require participants to become members of MUNAM e.V.. The first year of the membership is free of charge for participants of the Delegation Project. After that the regular yearly membership fee of 15€ will be charged. The membership can be canceled yearly in accordance with our Articles of Association.

*If you decide to participate in additional conferences you can expect the following costs per conference for European MUNs: ~100-150€ conference fee, ~200€ for transportation and ~200-300€ for accomodation and food. Depending on the available funding we can cover up to 100% of these costs.