MUNAM e.V. Board 2020/21


Clemens Ganzert

Born in Munich, Clemens partially spent his childhood in Oregon, USA. The cultural differences between the two countries established his interest in similar issues on the global scale. From sixth grade on, he was part of a class for gifted and particularly engaged students at Munich’s Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium. In eleventh grade, he first took part in an MUN conference and ever since shares the passion of all MUNers for debates, speeches, and geopolitics. To cool down from the heat of an intense debate, he enjoys running and handball. Throughout his participation at the “International Moot Court” at high school-level, he enjoyed his first encounters with the subject of law, which he now studies at LMU. Because of his political interest, he became a member of MUNAM e.V., which provides the opportunity to connect with like-minded people pursuing to change the world. Clemens is eager to drive forward the role MUNAM e.V. has taken as a student society. As its President, he is committed to further strengthen the MUN presence in Munich and build on the platform it offers for its members, alumni, and friends.

Vice President for the Delegation Project

Matthias Bing

A native of beautiful Baden-Württemberg, Matthias’ interest in (international) economic and political affairs contributed to his decision to study Economics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich following a gap year in South Africa. Looking for an opportunity to learn more about international politics and find like-minded peers, Matthias was part of the MUNAM Delegation Project in 2018/2019. After a year full of learning, great friendships and memorable MUNs all over Europe with MUN, Matthias spent a year abroad in both Moscow and Brussels. Following his bachelor’s degree in Economics, Matthias will continue to pursue a master’s degree in Econometrics in Munich and will support MUNAM as the Vice President for the Delegation Project, aiming to provide our future delegates and members the best possible MUNAM-experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Vice President for External Affairs

Stephanie Armbruster

“[…T]he United Nations is working for you. But it can do little without you. After all, it belongs
to you – you, the peoples of the world. And, therefore, it can work much better with your help and your ideas.” According to these wise words spoken by Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations, Stephanie has fully indulged in her experience of MUN conferences. She has partaken in several conferences around Europe as both chair and delegate and joined MUNAM’s Delegation Project in 2019/2020.
Even though Stephanie enjoys spending her free time practicing her diplomacy skills and debating about international politics, she truly is a natural scientist at heart. She is working towards a degree in statistics and biology and experiences the mix of MUN and a scientific university education as enrichment to broaden her horizon and enable new perspectives. Stephanie feels very honoured to take on the position of Vice President of External Affairs within MUNAM e.V. Together with her fellow board members, she hopes to steer MUNAM safely and with renewed strength out of the current crisis. Furthermore, she aspires to maintain MUNAM as the academically challenging, socially rewarding, inclusive and open-minded society it has thrived to be.
With IsarMUN as one of its main pillars, MUNAM proudly hosts Germany’s second largest MUN conference with incredible professionalism. As Deputy Secretary-General of the upcoming IsarMUN 2020, Stephanie will ensure that MUNAM remains an active and present force within IsarMUN’s organisation and pursues cooperative collaboration with the secretariat.

Vice President for Financial Affairs

Bogdan Bedelev

Bogdan is a Business Administration student at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Being genuinely interested in the world of capital markets, he chose to continue his university years specialising in International Accounting and Finance.
Originally, Bogdan is from a small, warm city in the southern part of Russia, but in 2015 he decided to move to Germany and continue his academic path there. Apart from Accounting and Finance, Bogdan nurtures a keen enthusiasm for international politics and jurisdictional affairs. This passion prompted him to apply to MUNAM e.V. and to become a member of MUNAM’s Delegation Project 2019/2020. After a year, he can confidently admit that MUNAM gave him precious opportunities to learn more about topics of international political and legal affairs and provided him with valuable insights regarding some of the most burning issues of today’s world. Desiring to continue his active participation in MUNAM e.V. and his contribution to shaping the association’s future, he was elected in May 2020 as the Vice President for Financial Affairs for the coming year. Of course, he realises this year’s challenges and is ready to do his best to create and implement a new concept for MUNAM’s projects, which could further bring essential knowledge to the new MUN generation.

Vice President for Internal Affairs

Georgios (George) Kantzis

Born in sunny Athens in Greece, George moved to Munich after graduating from high school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Economics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Model United Nations has entered his life at a young age in high school where he had the opportunity to attend several conferences with his school’s MUN community. Since then, MUN has been among his keen interests and it has stimulated his inquisitiveness regarding international political and financial affairs. He strongly believes that MUN is an advantageous activity which can contribute to shaping of one’s critical thinking and one’s better understanding of the world, while simultaneously offering useful skills and lasting friendships.
During his studies in Munich, George participated in the MUNAM e.V. Delegation Project 2019/2020, where he saw himself profiting from weekly seminars on burning affairs and from the great atmosphere of MUNAM’s community and family. For the year to come, George is honoured to serve as the Vice President for Internal Affairs and is really excited about all the behind-the-scenes activities. His motto for the coming year will be: “Do not let a pandemic destroy your dreams and burry your passions” and therefore, he is ready to push the boat out and ensure another thrilling MUNAM year!