Delegation 2015/16

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Claudia Faltermeier

Claudia was born in Munich in 1993. Due to her interest in other countries and cultures, she participated in a student exchange programme and went to Chicago in 2009. After graduation in 2011, Claudia started studying Communication and Psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich with the intention of becoming a press spokesman for a political organisation. Through her student job in a press department, she got a good insight into the different working fields of such an organisation. Based on this experience, Claudia became aware that working in a political department corresponds better with her interests. As a consequence, she redirected her focus and added Political Science as another subject aiming at a double degree. In 2014, Claudia completed a traineeship with the German Embassy in Tokyo. During her internship, Claudia could gather first experiences in the field of international diplomacy through the participation at conferences and meetings. This experience has enhanced her ability to interact with people from different backgrounds and improved her English speaking and writing skills. Due to the fact that MUN provides a great variety of topics in a multicultural surrounding, Claudia hopes to experience the same intercultural enrichment and to gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives. In her spare time, Claudia enjoys sports and travelling, especially to the not so touristic parts of Asia.

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Gabriela Bakova

Gabriela was born in 1995 and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. She studied at a German Language High School and obtained a “Deutsches Sprachdiplom Stufe 2”.
She has always had a general interest in international relations and takes great joy in debating and negotiating which led her to become a member of the high school MUN Club where she attend the local SOFMUN. Gabriela is also very passionate about sports. Throughout middle and high school she played volleyball and was a member and later on the captain of the high school team.
During high school she successfully took part in a number of language competitions in English and German, ranking among the best nationwide. She also participated in the DAAD scholarship programme in association with the German embassy whereby she reflected on problematic tendencies among the world’s youth. After her graduation Gabriela moved to Munich in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialization in banking and finance and a minor in statistics. Due to her passion for languages she also started to learn Italian. She chose to apply for the LMU WorldMUN delegation because she deems it a great opportunity to expand her general knowledge and understanding of international affairs and to meet very interesting people from different backgrounds.

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Habib Fussi

Habib was born in 1989 in Munich. As a child of a Moroccan father and an Austrian mother he grew up in a multicultural environment where he was raised bilingually, speaking French and German. Thanks to his background, he did not only pass German Abitur but also French Baccalauréat. In October 2010, he started studying secondary school teaching at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich his subjects being French and History. The main reason for this choice can be found in his regular visits to Morocco, a country with social and economic problems, many of them caused by the high percentage of analphabets. Parallel to his studies, he also works as a guardian at a child-care of an elementary school visited by many pupils with immigration background. He supports slow learners in doing their homework but also helps parents dealing with their daily problems due to their poor language skills.. With the ambition of helping more efficiently, he successfully completed a training to become a certified mediator. These skills in conflict resolution and negotiation techniques can be very useful for the task of being a delegate at WorldMUN. This project provides a great opportunity to discuss many of the problems he encountered during his work and his stays in Morocco. In addition, he is looking forward to meet students from different cultures and learn more about their perspectives and opinions.

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Jonas Nüssle

Born and raised in the beautiful area Oberschwaben in South Western Germany, Jonas finished his A-Levels being awarded for excellent achievements in German. He then decided to spend a voluntary year in New Zealand, working at a Catholic School on the Southern Island. He has always been interested in getting to know new cultures while working on social projects. He enjoyed working with children and also welcomed the positive side effect of improving his English skills. After returning from New Zealand Jonas started to study business administration in Mannheim, which unfortunately did not fulfil him. So in October 2014, he started over with studying psychology at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. Thinking outside the box, he is engaged in the students council, and attends the semiannual psychological student representation conferences. In his spare time, Jonas plays football and tennis for his hometown and also tries to spend as much time as possible exploring new cities and countries. WorldMUN 2016 in Rome is a perfect opportunity for him to get in touch with people from all over the world, discussing current problems and solutions. Moreover he looks forward to broaden his perspective by experiencing influences from different cultural backgrounds and continents.

Julian edit

Julian Thönniß

Julian was born and raised in Bochum, North-Rhine-Westphalia. Throughout his high school career he has been very dedicated to his passion for music and therefore played the keyboards in several Jazz bands and performed in two musical productions. In 2011/12, he spent a year abroad in Salt Lake City in the United States. There he took delight in teaching a German class for several months as a substitute teacher. After his graduation in 2014 he began his studies in physics at LMU Munich, being awarded a scholarship from “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes” shortly afterwards which has allowed him ever since to broaden his horizons in various workshops and symposiums, including political issues. Due to his urge to participate in social affairs he works as a volunteer in refugee camps around Munich, helping to realize leisure time activities for teenagers and children.
The various exchange programs to Israel, Poland, France and the US he has been part of as well as his work with refugees triggered his drive to look behind the façades of international politics. This eventually led to his interest in international diplomatic relations, especially in the exploration of cause-and-effect-patterns that represent the connection between politics and social developments. In that sense, Julian is looking forward to sharing ideas and debating with fellow delegates at WorldMUN.

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Lisa Gänsheimer

Lisa was born in 1995 and raised in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt as an open-minded, reflective and genuinely curious person. During her school time at Katharinen-Gymnasium Ingolstadt, from where she graduated in 2014, she embraced various chances to connect with young people from across the globe. Taking part in exchange programs with countries like France, Hungary, Italy, Turkey and India has especially boosted her passion for exploring different cultures and mindsets. In 2011, she successfully competed on various levels of the German national debating competition “Youth Debates”. Along with her participation at national and international sessions of the “Model European Parliament” in Berlin/Madrid and a summer academy course on climate politics, it introduced her to the miracles and difficulties of diplomacy. Over the years, Lisa has developed a particular fascination with questions of human rights, social justice and the environment. She wants to be part of the change needed towards a more humane and sensible interaction within societies as well as within the global community. Therefore, she is currently pursuing a law degree from LMU Munich. Apart from social, political and environmental issues, she is also passionate about traveling, plant-based cooking, dancing, yoga, literature and languages – speaking German, English, French, Spanish and a little bit of Arabic. She cannot wait to finally start to delve into new topics, debate and connect with the other participants.

Louisa edit

Louisa Siedersberger

Louisa was born in 1994 and raised in Constance, a town right on the border to Switzerland, where she lived until she graduated from high school in 2013.
Being German-American, she grew up in a bilingual household and has held a keen interest in international affairs from an early age on.
During her time in high school, she spent a semester abroad in British Columbia, Canada, in a small town where there were exchange students from up to fifteen different countries. This first-hand experience of the ‘global village’ is one of the reasons she looks forward to the MUN conference where so many people from so many different backgrounds come together to discuss today’s most challenging problems.
A Business Administration student in her third semester at LMU Munich, Louisa hopes to use her experience as a MUNAM delegate to further her understanding of global issues and her interest in international politics.

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Mariam Ebrahim

Mariam was born in 1992 and raised binationally, with a German mother and an Iranian father. Due to several processions in her childhood, Mariam attended different schools in Germany, teaching her the ability to adapt to a new environment. In 2009 Mariam successfully graduated from an American high school. Her experiences abroad taught her to critically scrutinize her environment. Struck by the appalling handling of natural resources, Mariam became a voluntary member of Greenpeace, focusing primarily on the anti-nuclear movement and world food. After graduating from Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium near Hamburg, Mariam started her studies in environmental sciences and business psychology at Leuphana College and thus consolidated her understanding of ecosystems and sustainability. In 2012 Mariam moved to Munich and is currently enrolled at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, studying medicine in the 7th semester. In Munich she was sensitized to the problematic issues associated with the considerable refugee flows Germany and many other countries are coping with. In order to grant asylum seekers access to the German health care system, Mariam joined MigraMed, an initiative founded by medicine students. At present she is conducting consultation hours, allowing her authentic encounters with asylum seekers. Mariam greatly appreciates the opportunity to be part of the LMU WorldMUN 2016 in Rome, hoping to expand her knowledge and understanding of global politics.

Niklas edit

Niklas Gebhard

Niklas was born in 1992 in a small town an hour away from Munich. After his graduation from secondary school, he decided to study Political Science at LMU in Munich, which he completed this spring. His motivation mainly arose from his enriching philosophy classes and a seminar about German Foreign Policy. He is currently pursuing a second, complementary Bachelor’s degree in Economics due to his strong interests in topics which encompass both of these studies. Always being concerned to apply his theoretical knowledge, he worked as a student assistant at a Political Science Chair and currently works at the Max-Planck-Institute for Public Finance. Through an internship at the Economic Policy Department of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Berlin, he gained valuable insights into the political process. In 2013/14, Niklas spent a year at Sciences Po Toulouse where he discovered his passion for languages and living with people from all over the world. This encouraged his decision to become a mentor for the incoming Erasmus students at LMU. In his opinion, this student exchange could play an essential role in developing a common European identity and thus achieving a deeper integration that really is supported by its citizens. By participating at WorldMUN, Niklas hopes to achieve a deeper understanding of the conditions for successful international cooperation and the reasons for its failure.

Philipp edit

Philipp Vollrath

Born in 1996 Philipp grew up with two younger brothers in the vicinity of Munich. While attending the Wilhelmsgymnasium, he developed a strong interest in languages. After his graduation in 2014 he received a scholarship in the Max-Weber-Programme sponsored by the Bavarian government. Due to his interest in foreign languages and cultures he took up studies at LMU in 2014 majoring in Near and Middle Eastern Studies and minoring in Philosophy. This includes learning Arabic and Turkish and provides the ideal opportunity to get acquainted to cultures in this region. In 2015 he had the chance to stay in Bethlehem during a language course for a month, where he met both locals and international students which was a crucial experience for him. Being convinced that the international community is a decisive factor in the process of solving nearly every conflict. This is because it is offering a perfect forum for dialogue that is the more important the more interconnected the world becomes. He thinks MUN is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world in order to take a step forward in this long process by searching for creative approaches together and establishing cross-border ties. In his free time he enjoys doing sports like rowing on Lake Starnberg or hiking in the Alps as well as playing the piano.

Pleu edit

Pleurat Uka

Pleurat began his studies in Munich in summer 2014. He finished high school from the American School of Kosovo in Prishtina and is currently studying Economics at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. His leisure time he likes to spend with literature, travelling and sports. Coming from an international background, there is nothing he enjoys more than meeting people from all around the world with different backgrounds, one of the many reasons he chose to join the MUN society in Munich. Pleurat considers himself to be ambitious in life and does not hesitate to take action or to embark into new adventures. Aside from voluntarily consulting students from similar backgrounds as his, during their applications for German universities, Pleurat is passionate about politics and diplomacy.

Sebastian edit

Sebastian Eppelt

Sebastian was born in 1996 and has been raised together with his two siblings near Ulm.During his school time he participated in an exchange program to Bangalore in India and the “Jugend forscht” competition. Sebastian received his Abitur in 2013 after only eleven years of school, was awarded for his “outstanding achievements in mathematics” and granted a scholarship by the Bavarian government. Right after his graduation he moved to Munich to do a voluntary service as a nursing aid in a facility for physically disabled people. He pursues this work alongside his studies of physics at Ludwig Maximilian University he has started in 2014. Sebastian is fluent in German and English but is currently also learning Chinese, Spanish, French and Italian. He used to be a member of the local fire brigade, still engages in the parochial youth group and had been elected treasurer for both organizations for several years. Besides his interests in science, Sebastian has been fascinated by politics ever since. As part of the WorldMUN 2016 delegation, Sebastian hopes to get a deeper understanding of the UN and to get a glimpse at the various nations and cultures represented in Rome.

Tom edit

Tom Campbell-James

Having grown up in a British-German family and lived in six countries across Europe and the Middle East, Thomas’ secondary education culminated in an International Baccalaureate Diploma in the United Arab Emirates. Whilst studying medicine in Munich, he also maintains an avid interest in Middle Eastern foreign policy and swimming, for which he prepares competitions at national level at Munich’s Olympic training center. Among others, his hobbies include entrepreneurship and learning languages, which he enjoys putting to use when traveling to intriguing corners of the world. As part of the 2015/2016 WorldMUN delegation, Thomas looks forward to building upon his previous MUN experience and is excited at the prospect of representing potentially controversial national interests at one of the most important organs of international policy.

Toni edit

Toni Q.

Toni got excited about international exchange and global issues when working and traveling in Australia for one year after his high school graduation. While working in a local tennis club and at various restaurants, Toni really got to know people from different cultures and engaged with them on a daily basis. That especially gave him a first idea of how difficult but also how rewarding it is to actually reach consensus with people that have very different cultural backgrounds. That positive experience was a main reason that Toni participated as a delegate at the Model United Nations Conference in Turkey where he gained first experiences on diplomatic processes, particularly on how debates among students from all over the world can be held such that they are goal-oriented while still being lively and engaging. Toni currently studies Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) which often brings him in the position of having to coherently argue for a (philosophical) position that is not necessarily his preferred one. Still, it regularly shows him that for a fruitful discussion to arise, it is inevitable that the relevant (political, philosophical etc.) positions are first presented charitably. Toni really looks forward to vivid and fascinating political discussions at the Harvard World MUN 2016.

Victoria edit

Victoria Schöffel

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Executive Team 2015/16

The executive team 2016 is made up of MUNAM alumni (Melbourne 2013, New York 2014, Seoul 2015) who support the current delegation. The tasks of the executive team divide into three responsibilities: seminar, fundraising, PR and online presentation. Stated below are the contact persons for the different responsibilities.

Seminar: Christina G. & Anna V.
Fundraising: Max R.
PR and online presentation: Anna K.
Administration: Emilio E. & Moritz L.