MUNAM e.V. Board 2023/24


Anna-Sophie Weinstein

Anna-Sophie works as Head of Operations for a federally funded, interdisciplinary research project on peace consolidation in Lebanon and Afghanistan at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. Alongside her employment she is finishing parallel studies in Law (StEx) and Middle Eastern Studies (B.A.) at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, which were enriched by stints in Tel Aviv and Beirut respectively. Having caught the ‘MUN-bug’ early on she spent her high school year’s participating in and later on chairing several conferences a year. Ever since starting university she’s shifted her focus more towards the ‘behind the scenes’ work and most recently, after an extended MUN-world break, happily returned to MUNAM. In her spare time she enjoys cooking vegan food, being outdoors, practising various martial arts, climbing, playing DnD and going on all kinds of adventures (a lot of good stories there).

She speaks German, English and Portuguese fluently and is continuously working on her French, Spanish and Arabic.

Vice President for Finances

Marius Oberberger

Marius grew up in Munich and did a year of voluntary service at the concentration camp memorial site Dachau after finishing school. From 2019 to 2023, he studied History and Political Science at LMU Munich, where he recently started the History Master. He works in the sector of historical-political education, teaming guided tours and seminars on the history of national socialism as well as instructing simulation games about the Bavarian parliament in schools. During his two exchange semesters in 2021/22 at Tel Aviv University, he got in touch with the MUN world as part of Tel Aviv’s MUN society TAUMUN. After returning to Munich, he joined MUNAM’s delegation project to continue his MUN experience. He is passionate about MUN as he enjoys the social dynamics in a committee and contributing to MUN debates through a historical perspective. He applied for VP for Finances to be involved in MUNAM’s further development, especially in lowering the financial burden for the Delegation Project by attracting more funds. Besides that, Marius is committed in the students’ representation at LMU, heading the history students’ association, and is part of the education commission of his scholarship program Cusanuswerk. During his spare time, he enjoys hiking, reading, theater, playing chess, game nights and long discussions with friends.

Vice President for Internal Affairs

Philipp Walckhoff

Philipp grew up in the Harz region and moved close to Munich in his late teens. During his school years, he was interested in playing different instruments, football as well as acting.

After his A-levels, he had the opportunity to move to London where he worked at a football club for several years before returning to Munich to study business administration at LMU. While in England, he became interested in politics, which started when he picked up a copy of The Last Empire which dealt with the final days of the Soviet Union. This interest was further developed through the political landscape at the time, in particular, the fallout from the Brexit referendum. As well as being a delegate of Munam, he is also a member of the BSH (Bundesverband Sicherheitspolitik an Hochschulen München) where he participates in debates concerning security policies. Besides his studies and work, you will find him playing different sports like tennis and badminton, in a football stadium and from time to time at church. In the future, he will pursue his Master‘s degree at LMU and looks forward to taking part in more MUN conferences.

Vice President for External Affairs

Angelina Greiner

Angelina was born in Munich and grew up in a small town in the north of the city. During her school years, she sang in the choir, danced in competitions and played the piano. Currently she is studying law in her third semester at the LMU.

Angelina has been interested in international politics since high school and found her year in the delegation project very enriching. She is now looking forward to contributing her ideas.

Besides that, Angelina works as a student assistant at the law faculty, is involved in Lawyers without Borders, helps organizing IsarMUN 2024 and is committed in the ambassador program of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation for educational justice.