Delegation 2018/19

Philipp Beckmann

After having finished grammar school in June 2017 in Kiel, the capital of Germanys northernmost state Schleswig-Holstein, Philipp Beckmann began studying law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in October 2017. He is interested in political, economic and ecological problems and holds a special interest in matters of foreign policy and European affairs. During his time in Kiel Philipp has served as a member of the board of the federal body of student representatives in the state Schleswig-Holstein and has taught German to a group of refugees. Currently he is a member of the board of Start Right Munich e.V. where he focuses on managing and expanding cooperations with other institutions and parties. He is also a member of the executive board of Epis Think Tank e.V. where he coordinates the activities of the club concerning European affairs and manages cooperations with third parties.

After having participated at a local Model United Nations conference in his hometown Philipp quickly fell in love with MUN conferences and has been a delegate at various MUN conferences in continental Europa and Turkey. Philipp is looking forward to meeting new and inspiring people and to improving his rhetorical skills and developing additional negotiation techniques.

Jules Bertemes

Originally from the hidden village of Gonderange in Luxembourg, Jules came to Munich after finishing high school in his home country, following a scientific path. After a small encounter with Engineering Science at the Technical University Munich, he quickly switched to Political Science and Law as his course of university studies, essentially transforming his leisure activities into his professional aspirations.

In fact, he already started participating in political projects back in Luxembourg, being a member of the Youth Parliament Luxembourg, where he had his first encounters with debating. Tasting the sweet satisfaction of political discussions, he dove straight into MUN projects and grew fondly of their openness for new cultures and discussion possibilities. The taste for debating and putting up a show also flourished during time in school theater, allowing him to experiment with different characters for seven years.

His taste for debating didn’t end in the fictional world of MUN’s, but he had the opportunity to take an internship at the European Parliament just recently, where he could compare fiction and reality while working hand in hand with parliamentary assistants. As a firm believer in the European Values, he wants to engage into heated discussions on these subjects and hopes to find debates of similar interest during future MUN’s with the MUNAM Delegation 2018/2019.

Despite changing his course of subject, he stills thinks of himself as a geek, being a huge fan of the so-called e-sports, international computer game competition, where he tries to get an insight into journalism.

Matthias Bing

Although born in Germany, Matthias grew up in the United States until the age of 8. Growing up in two different countries enabled his interest in (geo-) politics and intercultural understanding. In 10th grade, Matthias was able to participate in the International Fellowship Class with students from all over the world at his School in Marbach am Neckar. After graduating in 2016, Matthias spent a year working abroad in Cape Town.

Afterwards he decided to study Economics at Munich’s LMU. Matthias is very interested in development economics and international relations, especially regarding trade. Outside of his political and economic interests, Matthias is a passionate football and basketball fan. Matthias speaks three languages: English, German and French. Through the participation in MUNAM’s Delegation Project of 2018/2019, he hopes to develop a better understanding of multi-lateral policy as well as getting to know delegates from all over the world.

Kristina Breckenridge

Born and raised in California, Kristina’s interest in international politics was sparked by visiting a new country every summer. As a dual German-American citizen, she found stark differences in her experiences in the U.S. and Europe, inspiring her interest in foreign policy. In high school, she was active in speech, debate, and leadership. She held a leadership position in her band and was a teacher’s assistant in several school programs.

Kristina decided to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in North American Studies at LMU Munich with a minor in Law and an emphasis on politics, foreign policy, international law, and human rights. Currently, Kristina is working on an independent study program to start a debate club at LMU. She is working as an undergraduate assistant for the Language and Literature Faculty’s Career Service Department at LMU, focusing on event coordination and organization. She is also a teaching assistant for LMU’s America-Institute, helping students to improve their speech and debate skills. During university semester breaks, Kristina visits her hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area and works with children with special needs. Through her work with children with disabilities, she became passionate about protecting human rights.

All of this culminated in her involvement in MUNAM e.V. and her aspirations to attain a law degree in the United States after graduating from the LMU next year. Kristina hopes to benefit the MUNAM e.V. team through her fluent English skills, her passion for foreign policy, and her teaching experience which has sharpened her leadership and teamwork skills.

Nikolas Gritsch

Born in Munich, Nikolas was raised in a small city in Upper Bavaria. He spent his worriless days in school mostly reading or skiing, as he lived very close to the mountains. After he finished his A-levels with distinction, he decided to study economics and political science at the LMU.

This also brought him in touch with the student union of political science, where he got involved passionately. Because improving his social environment is very important to him, he also began working as a tutor of inclusion at his university, where he tries to help remove barriers in everyday university life.

Since Nikolas was a child he loved travelling to Italy, so he was very glad when he got the opportunity to study there for half a year in an Erasmus semester. Getting to know locals as well as other Erasmus students allowed him to broaden his horizon and to appreciate the plurality of Europe. He is a strong supporter of the European integration and thinks organisations like MUNAM are important for developing and spreading shared values across the world.

While occasionally he likes to bore people by mansplaining his point of view, he tries to listen carefully to others, because he believes there are always two sides to a debate.

Antonia Klatt

Antonia was born and raised in Munich and graduated school there. Since she has always been interested in foreign culture, she went abroad to attend High School for one year in the United States when she was fifteen. After graduating she worked as an Au-pair and visited a language school in Madrid for a few months. Before starting University she moved to Egypt for another ten months to study Arabic and to learn more about non-western cultures.

Her long stays in foreign countries and interest in travel, cultures and foreign languages are a big part of her life. Even tough she has also always been interested in international politics, she decided against a degree in Political Sciences for security reasons. Instead, Antonia is currently enrolled as a communications major and business minor at the LMU in Munich and plans to start her masters degree in communication or bachelors degree in business next year.

As a member of MUNAM’s next delegation she’s looking forward to improving her rhetorical skills, work in interdisciplinary teams and deepen her knowledge of international politics and affairs.

Cristina Konrad Daga

Cristina was born in Berlin and spent part of her childhood in Oxford, United Kingdom. Growing up in a diverse environment due to her German-Spanish background, her interest in learning about different cultures was sparked at a young age. Furthermore, her experiences from her semester abroad in Italy and several exchanges to France led to her curiosity about a population, its customs and traditions.

Whenever she is not studying toward her business administration degree she enjoys travelling to diverse parts of the world and is also very much interested in history, art and psychology. Her numerous trips to the Middle East have especially increased her wish to acquire more in-depth knowledge about international relations and diplomacy.

She is therefore thrilled to be part of the Model United Nations Association Munich e.V. and this year’s Delegation Project and sees it as a great opportunity to gain new perspectives on the world and its current events through dialogue with people from all over the world sharing the same interests and curiosity.

Adrian Schmidt

Adrian is originally from Heidelberg and moved to Munich for his studies in the field of management and technology. His first extended stay abroad was a voluntary service in South Africa where he gained first-hand intercultural experience. Since then, he enjoys to learn from other cultures and find out how things are done differently around the globe.

Adrian always had a strong sense of justice; thus, his interest in politics. He is particularly interested to find more about the economic and social mechanics that determine our societies and how to improve these for a better future. This, and his eagerness to keep on practicing and further develop his debating skills, is what moved him to join a Model United Nations association. The positive energy at MUNAM e.V. finally convinced Adrian that this would be a great starting point.

Tabea Schulze-Pals

Tabea was born in a small village near Düsseldorf in 1998 and moved to the city of Münster with her family in 2009. Having been interested in foreign cultures and languages from a very early age, Tabea took bilingual classes at school from 7th grade on. At the age of 14, she spent a year living and studying in New Zealand in order to further improve her English skills. Going to school with many students of Maori and South East Asian descent she experienced people with various mentalities and cultural backgrounds.

Back in Germany Tabea got actively involved in school life as being part of the student representation and the project group “Kant-Global-Sozial” supporting a home for disabled children in Peru. She was also part of the UNICEF junior team Münster raising awareness for the topics of social inequality and human rights. In order to get an insight into the means of fostering human rights, she completed an internship at “Misereor e.V.” in 2015.

After graduating bilingually in 2016, Tabea spent nine months carrying out a voluntary service in El Salado, a small indigenous village in the Ecuadorian Andes. Experiencing very basic living conditions in Ecuador made her sense the importance of human rights at first hand.

After her stay abroad, Tabea moved to Munich in order to study law at LMU. Apart from social and political interests, she also enjoys reading, spending time outdoors and travelling. She is now very much looking forward to an enriching year with the MUNAM e.V. hoping to satisfy her interest in foreign cultures and to expand her understanding of international politics and diplomacy in a team with many other engaged students.

Aaron Steinacker

Aaron was born in Berlin in 1997. He discovered his interest in politics though his social commitment during his school time. He dedicated his time to the representation of students, amongst others as Deputy Chairman of the state school committee.

This work inspired him to move to Munich in order to study law and above that further follow his passion to represent his fellow students by becoming active in university politics. Especially the responsibility of chairing the student parliament and thereby enabling his fellow students to take part in university politics, fulfils him. Within this capacity he also discovered his interest in debating and holding speeches in political issues. In participating in MUN conferences he sees the possibility to expand his expertise on to an international level. In his leisure time he likes to read books and do sports to get a balance between physical and mental work.

Aaron enjoys traveling and is more than passionate about the different ways of life all around the world. He loves meeting people from different backgrounds and discover the differences and similarities that he shares with them. This is why he is exited to get the chance to participate in the MUNAM delegation project.

Emily Steinhäuser

Emily was born in a small town in Baden-Württemberg in 1999 and moved to Munich with her family at an early age. From ninth grade onwards, she was part of a class for highly talented and engaged students at Munich’s Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium. Throughout her school years, she attended several university courses at LMU on the subjects of philosophy, psychology, law and politics (“Frühstudium”) for a period of six semesters. Already then, law and international politics sparked her interest and she became fascinated by their universal value for and impact on our society. She now studies law at LMU since October 2017.

While still in school, Emily participated in various youth conferences, two of them being the Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations in New York City and the Young Diplomats Forum in Riga. There, she enjoyed the content-related, political and at the same time cultural exchange and the international atmosphere.

In 2017, Emily took part in IsarMUN at LMU. This experience allowed her a further insight into how the UN works and into how challenging as well as essential and indispensable international communication is. Apart from her political interests, Emily has shown a lot of social commitment, especially in the field of refugee aid where she, for example, attends a training as a student legal adviser for refugees at Refugee Law Clinic Munich. In 2016 she was awarded with the Young Women In Public Affairs Award of the Zonta Club Munich City for her social commitment and leadership skills in and outside school. Emily also enjoys reading and travelling.

As part of MUNAM’s Delegation of 2018/19, Emily imagines it to be very fascinating to broaden her political understanding of foreign countries. Apart from that, she does not want to miss the chance of improving her professional English, rhetorical and negotiation skills.

Lena Völk

Lena was born in Regensburg in 1999 and grew up there, in Ulm and in Straubing, where she completed her Abitur.

After working in England and Northern Ireland after school, she moved to Munich in October 2018 to study Political Sciences, delving deeper into a field she has long been engaged in. Lena’s interest in politics has propelled her to complete internships in the Bavarian Parliament and German Bundestag. Being very passionate about human rights Lena has also been working for Amnesty International.

Combining politics with another fervour of hers, journalism, Lena has written opinion pieces on political matters for German newspapers.
Her work in journalism has also seen her work as an author and photographer for publications in the UK and Germany.

Having participated in a European Youth Parliament session in the Czech Republic and working as an advisor to the German EYP organisation on gender issues and public relations, she is thrilled to be part of MUNAM’s 2018/19 delegation to complement her studies as well as improve her debating skills together with her fellow delegates.

Anna-Sophie Weinstein

Anna-Sophie is a second-year double degree student majoring in Law and Near and Middle Eastern studies at the LMU.

Education being an issue very close to her heart, most of her extracurriculars evolve around it: Mentoring highly gifted students, being an active member of the student council for the law faculty and being highly involved with Model United Nations give her different approaches and perspectives to the topic which she enjoys very much.

Creating an academic equilibrium and making room for her interest in mathematical logic she has been consulting on computational projects as a scientific assistant at SciKnowTec for over two years now.

She currently speaks German, English and Portuguese fluently as well as some Arabic, French and Spanish.

Amazed by the MUN concept since she was 16 years old, she has taken part in several conferences in Germany and abroad as delegate and chair in German. Now she is eager to tackle the international English speaking MUN conferences and work on her rethoric skills.

She is thrilled to be a part of this year’s delegation and very much looking forward to an amazing year with her fellow Delegates.

Carolina Wolf

Carolina was born in Munich to a German father and a Paraguayan mother. Living the first years of her life in Paraguay and ever since travelling there every year, she grew up bilingual and multicultural. This cultural background shaped her identity and fostered her interest in the way counties and their cultures live and work together.

She attended school in the suburbs of Munich, where she participated in her school’s special program for gifted and interested students.

Since 2017 she is studying Business Administration in the Bachelor’s program of the LMU. Besides her interest in economic topics, she is enthusiastic about politics especially on global level because of her cultural background, her ambitions to work with people from all around the globe, and her passion for travelling and languages.

By now, Carolina speaks German, Spanish, English, French and recently started learning Arabic. Carolina is convinced that the MUN is an exceptional opportunity to improve her skills in rhetoric and negotiation while learning more about diplomacy, international relations and the work of the United Nations. As a highly driven individual she wishes to rise to the challenges and the enjoyment presented by MUNAM e.V. and is looking forward to an amazing year as a MUN delegate.

Jussra Zamani

Jussra was born and raised in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia. She moved to the city of Bayreuth in Bavaria for her bachelor’s degree and started her master degree at the LMU last summer. As a child of Afghan immigrants, she has always been involved in intercultural and ethnopolitical issues. In 2015 she received a scholarship from the German Foundation Integration, where she could gain more experience in political issues and the work with politicians. Over the years she developed an interest in international politics, especially the Middle East. Therefore, she recently took part in an exchange program in Israel.

What concerns her the most is to empower woman in poor countries. Thus, as a youth ambassador for a non-governmental organization, she tries to strengthen human rights in Sub-Saharan Africa and to promote the right of girls, who have no access to education.

Apart from all her political commitment, she enjoys watching documentaries and reading non-fiction. She loves travelling and is interested in pop-culture.

The Model United Nations Association Munich e.V. gives her the opportunity to develop her debating skills. She is particularly excited to get insights in the work, structure and parliamentary procedure of the United Nations. Mostly she is looking forward to learn about new perspectives and to understand more about the complexity of other countries.

Lisa Zauber

Lisa was born in 1997 and raised in Munich, where she attended the Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium. While travelling a lot with her family, Lisa developed a great curiosity for foreign countries. She served as a head girl for her school, where the majority of the students has a migration background and experienced this cultural diversity as an enrichment for her education. In 2014 she participated in a cultural exchange with Munich’s partner city Cincinnati, USA. After graduating in 2016 Lisa spent a few months in Cape Town, South Africa, working as a volunteer at a primary school.

Lisa established a deeper interest in politics and law by writing her term paper about the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights in her senior year of high school. This interest encouraged her to study political sciences and law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University.

As a member of the Model United Nations Association Munich e.V.’s Delegation Project of 2018/19, Lisa is looking forward to expanding and improving her intercultural competences and establishing contact with like-minded people worldwide by working with them. Her personal interest in the area of operations of a diplomat underlines her ambition to represent MUNAM e.V. at conferences abroad.

Luka Živković

Luka was born in Munich just at the end of the last millennium, in 1999. Being the son of former Yugoslav expats who narrowly escaped the Bosnian War in ’92, foreign politics and translational organizations like the UN assumed great relevance for young Luka, about whom his mother will later tell that she observed him following the morning news with a bowl of cereal when he was four years old. In 6th grade, he was accepted into a class for gifted students at his hometown, when a medical textbook from a new classmate’s parents ignited his passion for the human body and the field of healthcare. After having served as class president and first responder in-chief of his high school for many years, he graduated among the best peers of his year in 2016 and enrolled at medical school in Munich, where he continued participating in student initiatives such as the SiGma project and debating teams. Luka’s first contact with international conferences was established in 2014, when he represented Munich at the International Moot Court for high school students in The Hague, Netherlands. Since then he has participated at various Model UNs as delegate and president of various bodies, including a position in the organizing staff at Germany’s largest national high school MUN. Apart from his studies and side job in orthopedic surgery he is a glowing supporter of his hometown’s basketball team, coming from a family of sports enthusiasts. Luka is eager to partake in thrilling debates and vivid exchange with fellows from all over Europe and the globe in the upcoming year, which is why he is very proud to be a part of MUNAM’s delegation for 2018/2019.