Delegation 2013/14

The MUNAM delegation for 2013/14 presents itself

In 2014 the MUNAM-Delegation participated at the NMUN with a delegation of outstanding students with many different backgrounds and interests. Their fields of study vary from political science, medicine, communication science, physics to economics and philosophy. During six months they prepared for NMUN in a weekly seminar and various workshops with the help of the executive team. Together as a team they sharpened their rethorical and diplomatic skills at IsarMUN in Munich and MainMUN in Frankfurt and finally took part at the NMUN in New York.

Robert_DRobert Darius

Born in Hamburg in 1990, Robert graduated from the humanistic Gymnasium Christianeum in 2009. He is studying physics and philosophy at the LMU Munich. Robert enjoys classical music and has been singing in choirs since his childhood. He was a youth leader for many years and works as a sailing instructor during the summer. Through a number of journeys and especially longer stays in foreign countries (England, China, Chile and France) in the past few years he has become very interested in other cultures, languages and different worldviews. He volunteers with AIESEC in Munich to promote global exchange and understanding. As a fellow of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Robert had the chance to significantly broaden his understanding of international politics in a number of seminars and study trips. He is extremely looking forward to the NMUN 2014 and its preparation. He hopes to deepen his understanding of the UN as well as to challenge himself in new areas and to get to know interesting people from around the world with their different views and perspectives.

Florian_GFlorian Gassert

Florian was born in 1992 in Weinheim and passed his A-levels in 2011 at “Gymnasium Grafing“ in Upper Bavaria. He is studying medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich in the fourth semester and will continue his studies at the Technical University of Munich next term. Additionally he will start a bachelor’s degree in economics in the winter term 2013/2014 at the LMU. During his studies he did three nursing placements including one in the neurosurgical intensive care unit at “Campus Virchow Klinikum“ of the Charité in Berlin. Since the beginning of his studies he has been very interested in university politics. Amongst his involvement in the student council and the convent of the student councils he was a elected member of the “Zentrale Studienbeitragskomission“, of the senate of the LMU and of the faculty council of the medical faculty of the LMU. Debating politically has always been a joy to him and he is looking forward to meeting new challenges at the NMUN 2014.

Alex_GAlexandra Gessner

Alexandra, born 1989 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, grew up in the vicinity of Lake Constance, before taking up her studies of physics at LMU Munich in 2008. By now, she is conducting research for her master thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, after having spent the first year of her graduate studies at McGill University in Montréal, Canada. The experience of living in a very multicultural city has revealed her passion for interacting with people of different origins and it opened her eyes towards international politics. Since the beginning of her bachelor’s degree she has committed herself to university politics as a student representative in the physics department. In this role she accompanied a variety of projects, amongst others the organization of a conference for student representatives from all over Germany. Having enjoyed the inter-university exchange on university politics in this congress, Alexandra is now looking forward to work together with many motivated students from all over the world in order to get a better understanding of diplomacy and international politics during the NMUN 2014 in New York.

The delegate Alexandra originally intended to participate at the NMUN. Unfortunately, due to private reasons she is not able to attend the NMUN. Yet, she remains an active member of the delegation who attends the seminar and all other preparatory trainings

Johanna_HJohanna Härtl

Johanna was born 1992 in Roth and grew up in Pavelsbach, a picturesque village in Bavaria. In 2011, she completed her graduation at Ostendorfer-Gymnasium in Neumarkt, which as a UNESCO-project-school aims at educating its students in a value-orientated, intercultural and effective way. Currently Johanna is studying political science and history in her fifth semester at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. In addition, she is a working student at the CSU-parliamentary group at the Bavarian State Parliament and a freelance collaborator at a local newspaper. In her free time Johanna pursues different musical activities. She plays several instruments and is especially engaged in the brass band of Pavelsbach. She conducts the youth group “Blous(s)musi”, which was founded 2011 on her own initiative. Furthermore, Johanna has been a member of Audi-Jugendchorakademie since 2009. Concert-tours led to Czech Republic, Italy, the Vatican, Taiwan and Singapore. The NMUN in New York is not only a unique chance for her to obtain a lot of new experiences, impressions and contacts, but also an exceeding opportunity to deepen her knowledge of international politics and world-political events.

Johanna_KJohanna Karle

Born in 1990 in Stuttgart, Johanna went to a boarding school near Lake Constance where she finished her A-levels in 2010. Currently she is studying political science and law at the LMU Munich. She likes to spend her leisure time with travelling, literature and fine arts. Back in school, she worked as a mentor and tutor for younger pupils. She also participated in student exchanges in France. Johanna speaks German, English, French, Spanish and Arabic and is very interested in languages and cultures in general. Her field of studies, her time abroad with the ERASMUS-programme in France and her internship at the German embassy in Warsaw, consolidated her interest in international politics as well as international exchange. She is looking forward to participate in NMUN 2014 in New York, hoping to get a deeper insight in the world of diplomacy and the functioning of the United Nations. She is very happy to share this experience with students from all over the world.

Matthieu_KMatthieu Kohl

Matthieu is reading for a Physics B.A. at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. As a recipient of the Rotary Scholarship he went on an exchange programme to the United States, where he took part in various interdisciplinary projects. Prior to his studies at LMU he took part in the national language competition “Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen” ranking first in the country in 2011 and 2012 and winning a scholarship from the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”. He now organizes an interdisciplinary discussion forum and attends extracurricular courses in History and Politics. In his free time he enjoys reading, playing the piano, juggling and running. As a member of the 2013 LMU delegation he is looking forward to a year of thoughtful debates and discussion, close cooperation and exchange of opinion with delegates from various academic subjects and the possibility to hone both his language and diplomatic skills at the NMUN conference in New York.

Anna_KAnna Krandick

Anna was born and raised near Munich, where she graduated top of her year in 2011. She started into a physics summer school at Munich’s technical university before deciding to embark onto the field of medicine instead. Supported by a scholarship from the federal state of Bavaria (Max-Weber Programm), she started studying medicine at Munich’s LMU in 2011. This August she passed the first Staatsexamen and will begin her clinical studies in the fall of 2013. Already during her school years, she took a wide interest into languages and cultures. Thus, she spent half a year going to high school in Canada and took part in mutual exchanges with Ireland, Poland and Israel. Besides her medicine studies, she upheld this interest and went on a political excursion to the Balkan region, took French classes at university as well as in La Rochelle (France) and attended medicine courses in English. Her expectancy towards the NMUN is to get a deeper insight into international politics and engage with interested and interesting young people from all over the world. She hopes to enhance her capacity for teamwork and sensitivity for different cultural backgrounds. As a future doctor she feels an urge to not only take responsibility for her patients, but also wants to take her part in a progressing society.

Marianne_MMarianne Männlein

Marianne was born in 1992 in Louviers, France, and grew up mainly in Versailles where she graduated in 2010. In her free time she used to act and learn Chinese at home in France. From her family, who took part in the reconstruction of the French-German friendship after WW2, she inherited a particular interest for Germany and for intercultural issues in general. So in 2011 she decided to leave the french system and got accepted as a regular student in politics and economics at the LMU. Later on she got involved in the student association “Studieren-Ohne-Grenzen”, which promotes higher education in crisis regions of the world, and became coordinator of the project in Munich. Last spring she attended the international conference of the organisation in Paris, an event supported by the “Youth in Action Programme” of the EU. Beside her studies she continues to learn Chinese, recently began learning Spanish and completed an internship at the office of academic cooperation of the French Embassy in Berlin. In the future she wishes to combine her interest for international relations, macroeconomics and humanitarian action by working for an international organisation, like the UNO, in the field of development economics. She thus regards the NMUN as a unique opportunity to experiment the world she aspires to.

Angela_MAngela Müller

In 1992, Angela was born near the Lake of Constance where she successfully completed her graduation in 2010. The fundamental idea to change a part of this world and to fight for a universal equality of opportunities has been accompanying her for several years. Thus social engagement and extracurricular activities have always been important to her. She was committed to class representative for several years during high school. Furthermore she played the clarinet and saxophone in various orchestras, participated in cultural student exchanges in France and took part in different theater performances and choirs. After her finishing her A-levels she decided to do a voluntary year of social service in a boarding school in Munich. She has always pursued the target to change something in the world by social commitment, therefore she has chosen to study political science and law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich She regards these subject areas as fundamental knowledge for the realization of a fairer world. Besides her studies she is participating in the University group of Amnesty International. Additionally she is voluntarily supporting new participants of the voluntary year as a team leader. By taking part in the NMUN, Angela wants to gain a better understanding of the process of negotiation and decision-making of the United Nations. Moreover, she wants to use this opportunity to get in touch with young people from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds and opinions.

Katalina_PKatalina Präkelt

Born in Berlin 1988 and raised in Hamburg, Katalina always felt the need to go out and explore the world. In 11th grade, she was about to realize that dream…and ended up in Meriden, Kansas. But, after overcoming subliminal prejudices about rednecks and hicks, she spent a fantastic year in the Middle of Nowhere – and eventually got to travel the rest of the US as well. After graduating from High School in 2008, Katalina moved to Maastricht, the Netherlands, to follow a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies. During her studies and multiple stays in Brussels, amongst others at the ARD’s broadcast studio, she developed a sincere interest in all the kinks and quirks of European policy-making. In 2010, she spent a semester in Bologna, Italy, where she focused on international legal developments. That year, and in 2011, she took part in the organization of Maastricht’s very own Model United Nations, EuroMUN. In 2011, she was selected to take part in her university’s delegation to a European Union simulation, EuroSim, which took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From October 2012 onwards, she has been following a Master’s degree in Political Studies at LMU Munich. Next to her studies, she works as a freelance journalist. And yes, she will write about her NMUN experiences.

Max_RMax Rapp

Born in 1989 Max grew up in Bayreuth, Augsburg and Munich where he graduated at Kurt-Huber-Gymnasium. During his school time he had the opportunity to spend a year at a British boarding school. There, living together with fellow pupils from diverse countries such as China, Nigeria, Russia and South Korea he first became aware of the challenges and opportunities intercultural exchange presents. This experience was deepened after graduation during his one year „Weltwärts“ social service in Mozambique. His work with neglected children left him with a lasting solidarity to the country‘s people and their often ingenious ways of alleviating the oppressiveness of poverty. Back in Munich he took up studies in philosophy and economics, recently having been awarded his bachelor‘s degree in the former subject. The focus of his studies lies on how people cooperate to achieve common goods and correspondingly he is very interested in politics. Additionally, he was able to put to use his intercultural competences in his voluntary work for the city of Munich’s sponsorship project. The project assists newly arrived refugees with their integration into society. Given his interests, Max looks forward to NMUN as a great opportunity to put to the test what he has learned, getting to know more about the workings of the UN and most importantly experiencing the different ways in which global problems are viewed by young people in the light of their respective cultural backgrounds.

Anna_VAnna Vinokurova

Anna was born in 1989 in Russia and has been living in Munich since 2000. Due to her family background, she learned to combine and especially to appreciate different cultures and ways of life. She also developed a bright interest for foreign languages. During her years as a scholarship holder, she was able to learn about international politics in several seminars. Since October 2010 Anna has been studying law at the LMU Munich. In 2013 she studied for a semester abroad at the University of Padova, Italy, taking part at the ERASMUS exchange programme. Social and voluntary work is very important to her; she is involved in a consulting network that assists students with migration background with their everyday problems. Additionally she helps pupils with their homework at a youth house. As part of the NMUN delegation Anna expects to gain insight into the processes of the UN and to enlarge her knowledge about politics. She is looking forward to discussing current problems and challenges with students from all over the world at NMUN 2014.

Malte_WMalte Welling

Malte was born in 1991 in Münster. Since 2010 he is studying economics at the LMU Munich and during an exchange year at the UPF in Barcelona. Malte seeks to deepen his insight into processes and interrelations of the world. Already in school his interest in politics, economy and society grew. Besides his studies he engages in these areas for example in the extracurricular seminars about heterodox economics and events about other topics in society and politics. Engaging in these questions convinced Malte that much in this world can become better. Thus he is multifariously involved in political youth organisations, the student representatives and the organising of conferences about ecological-social ideas for the economy, in order to contribute himself steps to a better future. Malte is especially interested in international topics. He got to know people, ideas and ways of living from many different countries not only while studying abroad, but also while travelling, which he finances with jobs as research and teaching assistant in macroeconomics. Besides, Malte is excited about international politics and processes in international organisations. This motivated him to participate in CataloniaMUN in Barcelona. He expects that NMUN will offer more fascinating discussions about global challenges with people from various backgrounds, reveal deeper insight in international politics and diplomacy, and lead to useful experiences, which increase his possibilities to engage in improving the future of our world.

Executive Team 2013/14


The executive team 2014 was made up of alumni from WorldMUN 2012 and 2013. The tasks of the executive team divide into four responsibilities: seminar, workshops, fundraising, pr and online presence. Stated below are the contact persons for the different responsibilities.

Marie G. & Michi G.

Anna V. & Vici E.

Nicola M.

PR and online presence:
Yasmin A. & Carolina R.