MUNAM e.V. Board


Ophelia Wach

Ophelia is a graduate of political sciences and law at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with focus on European politics and law, international relations and civil rights and freedoms. To pursue her passion for political and social issues, Ophelia took part in MUNAM’s Delegation Project 2016/17 and joined the team as Faculty Advisor and Secretary in 2018. Together with her team, she coordinated weekly sessions for the Delegation Project 2018/19, organized visits with Consulates and Embassies, coached the delegation at conferences in Munich, Maastricht and Edinburgh and initiated a cooperation with TU and LMU Munich. Ophelia has served internships at Deutscher Bundestag and the Bayerische Wirtschaftsministerium. Working as a technology scout for a non-for-profit innovation network has inspired Ophelia’s interest in the impact of new technologies on society and power structures. This is why she took a student job at Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern and aims to study “Technology and Politics” as a master’s. Currently, she is working in political consulting and product development in development cooperation. Ophelia has been awarded with the Best Delegate Award at IsarMUN 2016, Position Paper Award at NWMUN 2017, Best Delegate Award at COP Munich 2019 and Diplomacy Award at EuroMUN 2019. Together with the other board members, Ophelia works to sustain MUNAM as an inclusive and open-minded society and a place of learning, networking, and thriving.

Vice President

Lisa Hoffäller

A native of beautiful southern Bavaria, Lisa has developed a strong interest in linguistic, international and cultural diversity long before she graduated from school in 2012. Before moving to Munich to study Political Sciences, she spent a year in the United States working as an au pair and as a language teacher in Colombia. After gaining valuable work experience in England and working for an NGO in Brazil during her bachelor studies, Lisa is now in the final stages of her master studies in Intercultural Communication at the LMU.
Maintaining her enthusiasm for international politics and relations, she joined MUNAM e.V. as a part of the Delegation Project 2017/18, where she first came in touch with Model UN participating at IsarMUN 2017, MedMUN 2018 and EuroMUN 2018. After this exciting year, she could not leave the world of MUN behind just yet, so she volunteered as the Executive Officer for Logistics at IsarMUN 2018 and has organized debating sessions for the new delegations ever since.
Now honored with the position of Vice President, Lisa is committed to use her own experience within the club as well as her visions to keep MUNAM e.V. an insightful and valuable association for enthusiastic and dedicated open-minded students from many different backgrounds.

Vice President

Svenja Chen

Svenja is a 3rd year law student and recently concluded a year of studying abroad at University College London. She has participated in many international conferences such as EuroMUN, Oxford International MUN, ScotMUN and our very own IsarMUN, as both delegate and chair. She gained an insight in “real life”-diplomacy whilst interning for the German Foreign Ministry in Shanghai, China. Returning to Munich and inspired by her incredible experience at the German General Consulate, she is excited to be a part of Munich’s largest MUN society.
At MUNAM, her responsibilities as Vice President will range from overseeing the Delegation Project 2019/20 to further connecting the society within national and international student bodies.
Additionally, she would like to make MUNAM more inclusive and accessible for all students in Munich, no matter their prior experience or economic resources. Together with her fellow board members, she will be promoting and expanding the open debating sessions that welcome all newbies and alumni, giving participants the opportunity to network, improve and enjoy some heated debating.

Director of Finance

Ana Popova

Ana is a law student at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with a specialization in European and international public law. She joined MUNAM as a delegate in 2017 and was then recruited as the Logistics Officer for IsarMUN 2018. After having served as a Counts Auditor for the society for a year, she was then elected Director of Finances.
She moved to Germany shortly after she graduated from school in her hometown Ruse in Bulgaria. Next to her study, she volunteered in the society “Studenten bilden Schüler e.V.” for nearly two years.
Currently, she serves the Institute for a Greater Europe as an editor for central and southern Europe. In this youth association, she helps create an academic network spanning across all countries and fields of expertise.


Clemens Ganzert

Born in Munich, Clemens partially spent his childhood in Oregon, USA. The cultural differences between the two countries established his interest in similar issues on the global scale. From 6th grade on, he was part of a class for gifted and particularly engaged students at Munich’s Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium. In 11th grade, he first took part in an MUN conference and ever since shares the passion of all MUNers for debates, speeches and geopolitics. To cool down from the heat of an intense debate, he enjoys running and handball. Throughout his participation at the “International Moot Court” at high school-level, he enjoyed his first encounters with the subject of law, which he now studies at LMU. Because of his political interest, he became a member of MUNAM e.V., which provides the opportunity to connect with like-minded people pursuing to change the world. Clemens is eager to drive forward the role MUNAM e.V. has taken as a student society. As its Secretary, he is committed to further build on the platform it offers for its members, alumni, and friends.

Previous Board Members

Board 2018/19

Dominik Schwab


Sebastian Eppelt

Deputy Chairman

Ismail Ismail

Second Deputy Chairman

Krasimir Gerdzhikov

Director of Finance

Ophelia Wach