What is the Delegation Project?

Take your future into your own hands

MUNAM e.V. has three main objectives: “Broadening your horizons. Freeing your potential. Preparing you for the future.” We aim to deepen your knowledge about the United Nations and international relations as well as your understanding of coherences in international politics and society. We strive to make you a confident speaker while boosting your social finesse, leadership skills and cultural understanding, no matter what the audience or whom you are working with.

In weekly sessions, we teach and challenge you. At the end of the project, we travel with you to international conferences where you can apply the skills and the knowledge you have acquired. We strive to provide you with the opportunity to meet interesting and inspiring people with similar (and sometimes opposite) mindsets to your own. At the same time, we are exploring options enabling our members to engage themselves within society.




A year full of opportunities

Each year, we welcome approximately 15 new members to our association with a promise to enhance their rhetorical skills and to explore their passions on international affairs. So far, our delegates have successfully participated in more than 40 national and international MUN conferences on five continents. These include Harvard WorldMUN, NMUN at the UN-headquarters in New York and EuroMUN in the city of Maastricht.

This year the situation on the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately does not allow international trips to renowned conferences, but this does not mean the end of our Delegation Project. Instead, after careful consideration, deliberation, and preparation, we are able to provide you with equally exciting opportunities to broaden your horizons and to free your potential.


At MUNAM e.V. you will be able to participate in weekly meetings and seminars, held by MUNAM alumni and experts in the field on various crucial issues, followed by rhetorical exercises that aim to make you think outside of the box and to empower you with more self-confidence and groundbreaking argumentation skills. Furthermore, we dive into the world of international diplomacy and take a closer look at the structure and dealings of the United Nations and its individual organs. This year, we must plan with online-meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, we look forward to offering you opportunities to meet your fellow delegates, and we will keep striving to return to in-person meetings as soon as the regulations permit them.


Usually, the Delegation Project includes participation in three international conferences and we always invite our MUNAM alumni to continue their MUN career, partake in the respective conferences, and accompany the delegation on its journey.
As, most likely, there will not be many Model UN conferences in the upcoming spring and summer term, we actively encourage the future members of the Delegation Project 2021 to join us at the international conferences as soon as these can be held in person again. For our delegates and members to be able to live the astonishing experience of participating in renowned conferences under the respected MUNAM umbrella means a lot to us.


Our members come from all walks of life and fields of study, giving MUNAM not only an international, but also an interdisciplinary touch. During the weekly meetings and the subsequent get-togethers for dinner and drinks, should the situation allow it, there is plenty of time for bonding and chatting. This is why for many of our members, MUNAM has presented a fantastic opportunity to forge lasting friendships with contemporaries who are little different to the friends sitting to your left and right during lectures


Every year, applicants undergo a rigorous selection process before they become part of the new MUNAM delegation. This process allows us to maintain an equilibrium between high quality candidatures and our signature interdisciplinary approach, which we are very proud of.
Our application process is divided into two phases, a written application and an online interview.
The application window for the first phase is open between July 18th and September 25th 2022, 23:59 CET.

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