IsarMUN 2016

MUNAM Delegation 2016/17

MUNAM Delegation 2016/17

At a Model United Nations Conference you can have both: A serious debate about international politics and talking absolute nonsense with newly gained friends. If you, for example think a longish discussion about potato-salad is idiotic you`re probably right. But this coffee-break-talk at the 2016 IsarMUN was nonetheless hilariously entertaining and just one example of the joyful memories one gains if participating at the engaging and well visited Model United Nations Conference in Munich in December 2016. The conference kicked off in the big auditorium of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, which is a rather fitting atmosphere, considering the art nouveau interior of the hall. Just as the cultural era of art nouveau has commenced a trend towards observing reality instead of euphemistic depictions, IsarMUN 2016 was about finding solutions that could initiate a stream of change.

As a member of this years MUNAM delegation, one has the privilege of feeling as part of a team. On the other hand, it can be quite enticing to just keep talking to the people you already know. It was the first MUN for some delegates, and as approximately 180 students were announced, we were quite curious on to how the other MUNers would present themselves. And present themselves they did; some delegates had unusual culinary discussions as already mentioned above; some delegations arrived in uniforms, reminding us strongly of hosting Durmstrang students. What made this event so great was the candour of the other delegates. After being openly approached by the uniformed delegates, even they seemed like normal Hogwarts people to us.

One could definitely feel that it was the biggest IsarMUN so far. The attendees came from all over the planet, bringing different viewpoints and cultural backgrounds to the table, which enhanced the debates greatly. Seven committees worked on resolutions to commence the stream of change. The experience of those different committees could not have been more different. Some of the committees were faced with simulated crises. We heard rumours that the members of NATO were screaming at each other for an entire ten minutes as a result. The EU Council probably was the politest committee. Everything was so adorable, you could have mistaken the whole scene for the end of a Jane Austen novel. In the ECOSOC council, delegates bonded quickly during the social events, while throwing tax reforms and corruption accusations at each other during the debate. Everyone came quite prepared to the meetings, except one delegate, who at least contributed by confessing his love to everyone else. Multiple times.

After a weekend of intense debating, all committees did however agree on a resolution. This left us not only feeling joyful about all the fun we had – we actually felt like mini-diplomats.

Marina Bauer & Katharina Herrle